Heightened Anxiety and the Shadow!

Anxiety has its good and bad qualities, on one side it cripples the person living with it, on the other side, the shadow, is a source of creativity. Anxiety, whether it’s social or generalised or even as a construct of another label, also has other theories of a paranormal quality – The shadow beings?

One of the most common themes that runs alongside the disease of anxiety is the sight or the energy, of shadow beings! Is this because during heightened anxiety, the mind is perceptible to seeing things and creating constructs to project the shadow out into the environment, or is it a facet of the inner workings of their own shadow. The other half of the psyche?

Some Psychiatrists state that these images are psycho-hallucinations. Where the persons own mind has created the images, that justify their anxiety? There are many reports online where people have shared their experience of feeling someone sitting on their chest and crushing them. This could be explained via the astral (dream) world and the dimension that these energies originate from which persue the person relentlessly!

Before you dismiss this – have you ever woke up in the morning and felt more tired than before you went to sleep? Have you asked yourself why you feel so drained and tired? Or better still, have you ever been in the presence of someone who seems possessed by a maleficent energy?


Paranormal studies have explored this phenomenon, and some say they are time travellers, other sources say they are demonic. Other sources call it a form of paralysis, like the reports associated with sleep paralysis. Where people have shared how someone or something was sitting on their chest during dream sleep and when they woke, they couldn’t move. There are other reported experiences that claim these entities sit on their bed, or pin them down, restricting movement, terrifying the individual.

I’ve also heard accounts of shadow beings with red eyes that haunt people, and some people have shared that they have seen dolls with blood eyes alongside these red eye shadow beings.

Nobody’s exactly sure what these mysterious figures are or what they want but plenty of people have seen them. Their reports all describe shadow people as pitch-black apparitions that appear intelligent, move unnaturally quickly, and reach or walk through solid objects. Sometimes, these apparitions are content to lurk in corners or doorways without doing anything particularly unsettling and some may not even take notice of humans at all. However, many shadow people are far from benign. Witnesses have recounted sightings accompanied by feelings of overwhelming dread, auras of malice, and even physical attacks.

A common sight is the hat man

This type of shadowy visitor doesn’t appear to mean any harm, but he sure looks creepy. The hat man is one of the most commonly reported types of shadow person. Witnesses describe him as a faceless, dark man in an overcoat and a wide-brimmed hat who watches silently from doorways.

There aren’t many accounts of malevolent behaviour or attacks attributed to this type of shadow person, but the hat man has been reported to induce feelings of apprehension or the inexplicable knowledge that witnesses haven’t seen the last of him.

Shadow people may have plenty of ways to terrorize you without becoming violent but some of them have no qualms about causing physical harm. People have reported being beaten, choked, and even picked up and dropped by aggressive shadow beings in their homes.

These beings usually don’t look much different from normal shadow people – featureless human-shaped entities – but they harbour some serious ill will. Fortunately, they’re also the easiest to scientifically explain, since shadow figures and choking sensations are some of the textbook symptoms of sleep paralysis. For other reports, the shadow beings are often associated in damaged and dysfunctional relationships. Where one of the two in the relationship is unable to generate their own source of power, and therefore, drain their partner of the qualities that are invisible to the naked human eye? A bit like being possessed by a lover! If that sounds far fetched, then read my book, The Dark Knight of the Soul and you’ll have a greater understanding of this type of phenomena that’s related to the personal shadow!

Most shadow people are described as faceless black silhouettes but if you run into a red-eyed shadow person. You could be in trouble. I have met some young people who have seen these entities and are tormented by them, torturing them to self harm or pushing them to the brink of suicide!

While they generally don’t harm humans physically, red-eyed shadow people are about as menacing as they come. Their only discernible features are the glowing red orbs that peer out from their pitch-black faces. According to people who claim to have encountered red-eyed shadow people, their gaze causes unadulterated terror and the more terrified the victim becomes, the stronger the shadow person will grow!

This type of shadow person is featureless except for its hooded cloak. Like the hat man, this creature isn’t known to attack humans directly. It prefers to stand at doors or bedsides and stare silently. However, while the hat man is usually described as more curious than malicious, cloaked or hooded shadow people almost certainly aren’t paying friendly visits.

Descriptions of hooded shadow people usually include the same sinister detail: an undeniable sensation of seething hatred.

Not all shadow people look like people. Even regular humanoid shadow beings are reported to move in ways that are too quick and fluid to be natural, but misty shadow people appear as clouds of black smoke. Despite their weird forms, they give off the unmistakable impression that they are intelligent. According to some accounts, these black shadowy masses are attracted to people or places that give off negative emotions.
Referring to an earlier post I mentioned the etheric field,  The Magic of FIVE! where the pendulum swings between attaching or attracting low energy entities or high energy entities. So, when you add in the etheric element that surrounds us, it offers some clarity, and confirms what these experiences are!

Pseudo anxiety related to shadow sightings

Working in mental health, shadow people are a common thread among many of those who are tormented by them. Doctors conclude that this is a pseudo -hallucination. What they mean is, the pseudo hallucination is a reflection of the shadow within. A part of the personality that has dissociated from the person and is visible to their naked eye.
The way I explain this to parents is that; the image, is their own inner anxiety, and the more heightened the anxiety, the clearer the figure. The shadow that they see, is anxiety, presenting itself from their inner world and the shadow figure is thriving on the fear of the person. The way to overcome or gain control over this type of torment is to raise up your vibration, or positivity! Because the shadow thrives on fear and fear is fed through anxiety.

It’s a bit like having a split mind where the dream world or the psychological world, is making itself known and visible, in the real world, to increase the fear driven psychology of the person. To beat the anxiety, the person must confront their fear or fears. However, I’m no expert here, there may well be paranormal answers to the shadow people described! What I can verify is, when you rebuild your confidence and positivity, the shadow fades further away because you are taking your control. or power back

Also, these types of images and apparitions, latch onto people who experience PTSD. Therefore, the shadow figure, is attaching to the early trauma, and it is this trauma that is manifesting itself and keeping the person hostage. They then turn to the psychiatric field, for medication to reduce the sightings of the shadow figures they can see, in waking hours. Many people I have spoken to about their shadow experiences all report that these figures tell them to harm themselves and also to kill themselves, driving them to suicide. Leaving the person in a state of heightened anxiety that cripples them, day and night.

Therefore, if there is a trauma related incident, the shadow beings manifest to ensure the person doesn’t get well. The remedy, when medication fails to help, is to raise up your confidence and wellbeing, as this enables the person to take their power back, from the shadow beings and conquer their fears.

Without a doubt, it’s an epidemic that is driving many people to the brink of suicide, because medications are not having the effect needed, to remove or reduce the terrorising figures they see.

Collective Unconscious

In the collective unconscious field, we are more able to understand the energy of evil and how these creatures can manifest. Just as people are able to give an account of seeing an angel, there are others who see the opposite, which is that of a demonic or negative creature. All of this exists in the astral world around us, which we are able to make contact with, during sleep!

In ancient writings, these beings were once referred to as JINN. Where the JINN is a genie of sorts,  in early Arabian lore, the Djinn originated out of the winds. The Qur’an says they were created by Allah out of smokeless fire, and the angels out of a pure spiritual light. We perceive angels, Djinn, fairies, demons, ETs and even Bigfoot as having human-like hierarchies and social structures, but whether they really do or this is a human projection, is not certain! Also, their interference in human affairs is extensive as well. We are all influenced via a collective unconscious and manipulated through it too, some more than others!


As this world is an existence of duality, meaning we have the good and the bad from everything that is created, so in the collective unconscious, there is the evil which is the opposite of all that is good. All the horror stories we watch and the dangerous predators we see on the news screen give evidence to the reality of this collective unconscious,

Dracula and other fictional figures are just a few of the images we can relate to. If we all harbour evil and malicious thoughts and intentions, then this shows where the evidence of such shadow creatures originate from.

Intense anxiety can cause not only fear, but symptoms that create more heightened fear. In many ways, intense anxiety can cause the feeling of going crazy – as though you are losing touch with reality. Sometimes this is nothing more than a feeling or thought. Other times this is caused by additional anxiety symptoms that resemble those of true psychosis!

Projecting the shadow

To understand projection, we must understand the personal shadow. Carl Jung wrote, ” “Everyone carries a shadow, and the less it is embodied in the individual’s conscious life, the blacker and denser it is.” Most people in power identify with good or right and project bad or wrong on to others. Their blindness to their own faults is often misconstrued as self-confidence. The play of opposites comes into effect again, along with the mirror universe, or what I call the collective unconscious. What we prejudge in others, we despise or repress in ourselves.

Only an authority or masculine role can project; those in the feminine role receive. Thus children don’t project on parents or teachers. Citizens don’t project on leaders. Employees don’t project on bosses. Therefore, projection comes from superiority of the masculine – dominating, projecting at the feminine which is receptive. So when the shadow takes form, image or shape, it is the feminine within that is being overshadowed by the masculine in external reality and vice versa.

The shadow is our unowned dark side from the mirrored parallel universe we access in dream space.


2 Thoughts

  1. Hi Kelly,

    Very cool read.
    I haven’t shared this with anybody before. My parents are not fanciful people. When they were dsting(before I was on the scene) they were in a park area lined by huge lime trees. They were in a hut which was about20 yards from the nearest tree. Kidding and cuddling.
    They reported: they looked up as they both felt a presence. They saw a man, faceless, with a huge tall black hat, and long cape to the ground( my body is tingling unusually as I write this) He appeared to be hovering slightly from left to right. His hat reached about 12 ft into the tree. It did not make a sound or threaten them. My father is very macho but he picked up his hesls and ran! They both did but my father got out of the park gates first!!
    They do not like talking about it. My younger brother died at age 24 as an incidental of cancer and I have had 2 cancer operations ( may be a factor?) was this a curse?

    I had a lady friend who was very serious person. She told me with s dead straight face that she was raped by a demon with foul breath( she described it as a fury shadow) she said although she did not feel any penetration she insists she was violated by a ‘spirit penis’ if you will.

    Anyway I hope you don’t mind me going on.

    Best wishes Kelly,



    1. Hi Chris, thank you for sharing. I’m not sure what they are, whether they are connected astrally, paranormal or through the inner psyche. It could be some type of possession if that makes sense. Low spirits latching onto the auric field!


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