JRR Tolkein’s playground

I was at work today, taking a young person out in the community and stumbled upon an iconic site!! I found this gem, hiding away in the bustle of Birmingham – the playground, or rather, the lost paradise of the legendary author who wrote, ‘Lord of the Rings,’ JRR Tolkien!

When I saw this majestic beauty, I said ‘c’mon let’s climb the tree,’ I tried really hard, but she said no – Booo!!!


As you can see the majestic allure of the glade. The bog and the trail allowing the public to view the mystery and beauty of the magical glade. I could certainly see first hand with my own eyes, how enchanted the forest was to the young JRR Tolkien and his brother.

JRR Tolkien wrote: “The trees do not like strangers. They watch you. They are usually content merely to watch you, as long as daylight lasts.” He was writing, in Book One of The Lord of the Rings, about the mysterious Old Forest, haunt of the ageless Tom Bombadil.

The woodland that inspired this description was Moseley Bog, the shadowy marsh behind the house where Tolkien lived as a small boy. In honesty, I could relate to what he meant. It was wild woodland adventure, luscious green in all it’s splendour.


Moseley Bog is a wonderful hidden part of Moseley and it was an ideal place for Tolkien’s childhood adventures.

The Bog is recalled in Tolkien’s description of the “Old Forest,” last of the primeval wild woods, where “Tom Bombadil” lived.


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