Hopi Prophesy & the Age of Aquarius

The return of Sirius, the blue star – The age of Aquarius. The move away from Pisces and into a new dawn.

Every 2000 astrological signs move to coincide with changes in humanity. The age of Pisces, the two fishes was an age of belief! The age of Aquarius is the age of knowing. The water bearer comes to cleanse and pours knowledge from the air – the higher self that is evident in all of us, is reconnecting and re calibrating back to creator.

The age of Pisces was the age of duality, where one had to believe in order to achieve. Today, in this new age of Aquarius – we don’t have to believe, we know! This is the new humanity, to know. The heart and the knowledge it holds is the way forward in life and in love.

No longer are we held back by limitations that the age of Pisces held. Where knowledge was hidden or supressed! The age of Aquarius brings a cleansing to all things on the earth and the inhabitants. Terrestrial, human and all other species.

There are many species of elementals and extra terrestrials among us. Just because you may not see them doesn’t mean they are not there!

Mayan and Hopi

Legend of the Blue Kachina also coincides with Mayan prophecy, and Planet-X theory, suggesting an interconnection between Hopi beliefs and those of the Ancient Mayans. Furthermore, the legend of Pahana seems to be in direct relation to the Aztec story of Quetzalcoatl, connecting the Hopi to several North American Indian cultures who recognize the horned serpent. Additional prophetic mysteries tend to relate with many creation stories and religious belief systems of other ancient civilizations in both North and South America. According to the Hopi, five stone tablets of creation exist. One was kept by the creator, two given to the Hopi themselves, and the remaining two given to brothers in history to be brought back together when the world reunites in peace, holding true in the Hopi way.


At the outer edge of the universe. There is a being who sowed the seeds of light and love. This being is neither male nor female, nor extra terrestrial – it is the over terrestrial. The highest universal consciousness. Where the angels and archangels reside.
It is written in prophesy that the ‘end times’ will come where the twins who created the earth, will return. This is the two brothers who helped create this world in her birthing time. The north star and the south star will realign the planet with the coming of the blue star. – Sirius!

In humanity today, The North and South poles resemble the twins which are shifting on mother earth, humans are going through great changes together, on all levels. Emotional, Mental, Physical, Spiritual, Astral, Ethereal, Elemental!

The blue star will return to bring forward the age of Aquarius, A New world. And this age is now upon us all! Much like the Vedic texts of Kalki, being the 10th Avatar!

The age of Aquarius – Greek mythology

In Ancient Greek texts, Leto gave birth to Apollo and Artemis, on the Greek island of Delos. They brought forward the age of Pisces, a time of great suffering and separation from GOD source. The age of Pisces is now passing and the age of Aquarius is upon us now, Aquarius is reconciliation and a return to GOD source. Aquarius is the 11th sign in the zodiac and the water bearer, where she will help cleanse and heal. The eleventh hour is near! Do you keep seeing the numbers 11:11
The blue rays will come to visit and watch us, offering us many warnings to change our ways and see who has remembered the original teachings of humanity, they will bring many of their Sirius star family with them.
The blue star is the alarm clock that will warn of a new dawning, a new world and, of new life on earth.

Each and every species living on the planet will be affected by the energies of the changes in humanity. Individually, in each person they will purge and purify as the fires of purification burn within each of us, (depression, dark night of soul and kundalini have this effect? sloughing off old beliefs) to burn the carnal desires and conflicts that we each possess if we do not remember and return to the peaceful way of life!

Not far behind will be a red star kachina, who will bring the day of purification. A great red light will flood the Skies, each and every one of us will be given a chance to change. Texts say, those who return to the natural way of life will not be touched by the coming purifier. These are the ones that will survive, these are the ones who will teach the old ways and build the new world. The soulless ones will perish, in a swift blow. Like the ancient texts of Kalki, he comes to cleanse and purify the planet of all the evils and the old way of life. Other spiritual texts mention a thief in the night! He will punish – so be warned!

We will all be given ONE chance to change!

It is only the ancient teachings and those with the ability to understand the messages of these teachings, that will be able to assist and bring forth the new world. Nobody knows when this day will occur, but on this day, the earth will be changed forever. Although when you look behind the messages of the signs, some would say we are in, or fast approaching this reality!

Messengers will leave messages to those on earth who remember the old ways, these messages will be found on living stones, on sacred grains, crop circles in symbolic language and even on the water.

Prophesy says; Many who have lost their souls or who deny their own souls revival, will perish against the great purifier. Those weak in spiritual awareness will go insane or disappear and vanish into thin air because the are hollow empty vessels, without a soul. Many will choose to leave because the burning pain will be too unbearable to stand. Some will have great deformities in mind and in body!

It will be very hard for women and children, because they will be shunned! Some children will be born unnatural, some children will be from the stars and past worlds. Others will be created by man in an unnatural artificial manner and soulless, with no life force in their eyes. There will be so much confusion between sexes, gender and in duality, in children and in the elders, life will be very perverted with little or no social order. Children will be violent to parents! Things will not make sense as the doorways to lower worlds open. Causing mayhem and destruction from within!

The opening of the dimensions in the dream or astral world!

The astral plane – is a dimension of reality with three levels, this plane is where dreams, disembodied spirits, ghosts, poltergeists, out of body experiences and other physic phenomena occurs.

There are three layers to the astral world!
Low – a hellish realm. = Demonic
Middle – purgatory = Suffering
High – heaven = Angelic

Mankind will seem strange as we walk between these worlds and again walk with our star brothers and sisters of the Sirius planet.

The warning include everybody. ALL species, those below the earth as well as those upon it. Nobody will be able to hide from the great purifier.

The way through this great upheaval and change is through the heart ❤️ and through the spirit. Living AS ONE with the nature, earth and all the inhabitants.

If you feel alive, and have compassion for humanity you are on the right path of redemption. Those consumed with greed and fearing death will greatly suffer. Living with the divine spark within, is what will help humans through the shift in as it moves in and out of the different dimensions.

Living in harmony with all species and in peace with each other is the common goal for all. War and conflict will cease to exist, we are being watched and we are being warned!

Something in our souls tells us that change is happening on a global consciousness level.

The blue frequency is part of that. Sirius is Isis – Return to the feminine of higher frequency energies – Rebirth of Consciousness. Blue links to higher/future frequencies of consciousness as we spiral up through the patterns of Sacred Geometry. Blue – electricity – our reality as an electromagnetic energy grid program. Blue: Indigo children, the blue alien lady, Isis, the Pleiades, Sirius, blue galaxies, blue chakra, blue ray and ascended master, and much more that will come ‘out of the blue’.

The spirit and the heart is the only way through, it is through LOVE & COMPASSION to all beings which is the path to freedom and the journey back to peace! To restore humanity back to what it once was. Every 2000 years the astrological clock rotates backwards and moves into the next zodiac sign. We’re leaving Pisces and entering Aquarius, the water bearer – or earth cleanser!

Feel love and compassion for the mother and MOTHER Earth. Discernment is needed now more than ever in society, where wolves dress as sheep and sheep dress as wolves!

FEEL and HEAL! This is the only way forward for the human species to evolve. The soul is the voice and power that needs to be healed to make humanity thrive. You’re not alive if your soul is suffocated or denied of its true essence and power. There are many lessons the soul teaches, and each lesson is meant to help you heal.

The time is approaching us all now. We MUST STOP abusing the planet earth, and we must stop abusing each other! The returning of the twins is predicted in texts, Nostradamus predicted this event that was to come. The blue star family is returning to earth to reclaim her.
We are not alone!!

3 Thoughts

    1. I don’t think it’ll be as bad as we think, but yes, a big disaster is likely going to come, the balance of opposites in the world is peaking which will inevitably bring forth a disaster.


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