The Magic of FIVE!

The five essential elements! Blending science with the physical seen (outer – visible)  and unseen (inner – invisible)!

Our existence of the species in humanity thrives on five platonic solids, these solids being the; tetrahedron, octahedron, cube, icosahedron the dodecahedron. Each different platonic solid has a different shape and form. The platonic solids are geometric forms that form, all of that which exists, inside every cell, protein and all other structures that are created through geometry and vortex mathematic. Combine these five platonic solids with the five elements we all understand, and we have a clearer picture, of how complex we are, from a physical microcosmic human level, to the macrocosmic universe around us!

These platonic shapes are the five invisible bands of moving power with (stone is solid but elementally we regard this as earth) the physical vehicle we all inhabit. Stone, Water, Fire, Air, and Space or – Aether!

We are built with a combination the four elements, water, which relates to our emotions. Earth, or better known as stone, which relates to the physical body, Fire, which relates to our mind, the thoughts and drives that animate us. Air, the breath of life, which keeps us alive, air is also related to the intuition, the inner voice, often drowned out from the water (emotion) or burnt in the fire (mental). And then we have a fifth element, one that isn’t included so much, yet performs a vital aspect of our existence, space!

In a human body, these elements relate to; Earth, the physical body structure, housing all the elements. Water (fluid) the blood that vitalises all the organs in this complex system of biological structures. Fire (heat) or passion, the energy that moves inside of all of us, anger or anxiety tends to relate to this element the most. Air (gas) breathe, the life force that enables our bodies to function, working in cohesion with water, fire and earth. And then we have space, the fifth element that surrounds us, some would call this consciousness!

Therefore, we are more than a complex structure of interlinking systems, with many facets to the human vehicle that allows us to experience the vastness of our environment and the universe at large. The complex system of structure we inhabit, can be likened to the outer world of microcosmic organisms, including bacteria, dirt, smoke, electrons, neutrons, quarks and other, unseen stimulus. As aether is invisible, imperceptible and unseen, but this doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist!

On the macrocosmic level, we have the pollution, caused by the gases of the cars, the smoke from the fires, burning plastics, the pesticides in growing food for consumption, the air that we breathe and the water we drink.

The macrocosm and the microcosm both work together, to harmonise the space, in which we all live. What we see outside of ourselves with our physical eyes, is merely a reflection of what is happening inside, the physical vehicle!!

In the macrocosm of this earthly existence, there are billions of humans alive and walking on the planet, just as there are billions of cells in every single human body. We are but a grain of sand among a vast beach! And inside, we are more minute in existence that the smallest atom in the blood stream. And yet still, there are more stars in the universe than there are grains of sand on the earth!

We are so small, yet so big. The stars we see at night, can be likened to the neurons, that fire in our brain!

The universe or macrocosmic is that which is outside of ourselves, and exists within each of us. Our blood or cell division of where we are a combination of neutrons, electrons and protons, a combination of polarising and opposing energy centres is the microcosmic essence, the world within – which is then is seen in the outer play of reality, the world in which we exist and perceive. Two genders uniting through the entwining of two physical bodies is a bonding process of two separate entities. Whereas our true nature is a balance of the outer macro and the inner micro, which exists together and the inner, is visible on the outside of who we are, in human vehicle and in unity or community we inhabit, the way we perceive.

The Lakota say: “The life of a man is two roads and he can choose which road he walks.” – the black east/west road of suffering where the heart (4th chakra of air) is at war with the west (the 2nd chakra of water – emotions) or the north/south road of earth (1st chakra) and fire (3rd chakra) – the spirit road. At the centre of the cross roads, the tree of life blooms (awareness) and the hoop (circle) of all living nations is formed.

Achieving a balance of these four elements can be a daunting, and tiresome task, yet to balance all four, the circle of awareness is completed, allowing the self to self-actualise, in their existence. Thus; enabling a vision and an inclusion of the Aether, to combine with the other four structural elements, becoming whole.

The other side of the veil!

Spiritual texts say that the unseen side of our reality is inhabited by hosts of beings called elementals – spirits that are electro-magnetically attached to people, by the energy they emit.

We are electro magnetic too on a cellular level! This energy, although unseen to the naked eye is what scientists call matter. And this matter, when fused with anti-matter (aether, or source) creates. Our mind is a powerful organ, that communicates with our blood, our breathe, and our neurology. The mind is the organ that has the capacity to create and destroy, depending on the positivity or negativity it is fed! The cells in our body are intelligent by design that works in a dualistic nature with the inner being through the outer expression!

Such as; someone with a low, stressed and depressed state of being, will attract and attach the ‘bad guys’ such as lower elemental spirits, emotions such as hate, violence and perverted sexual energy attract these lower elemental spirits. Again, it is the law of polarity that draws and repels, to that of the energy, ‘or fire’ we inhabit!

Those who are of a higher vibrational energy, attract the ‘good guys’ as they are drawn to our emotional state by resonance with higher emotions such as Love, gratitude and joy.

As a species, we may not be aware of these elemental spirits, but they are aware of us and surround us always.  The unseen Aether, is seen or rather, experienced through the mental or emotional vehicle, this is how it attaches to the individual, through their inner state of being of vibrational frequency. This is what Einstein tried to explain about the theory of relativity E = mc2

Our inner state often swings, like the pendulum between the two states or moods, that of low mood and that of high mood. Good vibes for higher states and bad vibes for lower states! It’s all a state of mind.

Depression and addiction, feeds off the human via the lower realms of elementals whereas happiness and joy attracts and feeds, or fills, from the higher elementals.

Therefore, the other side of the veil, or the other world in which we cannot see is always watching us giving us back, that which we are, think, feel and act!

14 thoughts on “The Magic of FIVE!

      1. Yah put up your website link. I actually love thinking on topics you write on your website. Just had a good old breeze of thoughts by reading your website. Thank you for maintaining this (no this is not exaggeration frankly madam 🙂 ).

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      2. Such thoughts are more important than learning any new concept or technique. They are pure. 🙂 OK gotta return to work, will write more soon 🙂 ciao … !

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      3. I am recently wanting to become more workaholic (:P). Actually I study mathematics and statistics at first year (joined college in 2017) and sometimes wonder why I chose mathematics and statistics and not mathematics and philosophy (mainly the reason is that in India we don’t have such a course).


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