False Idols

Raising children in this ‘instant gratification’ society is challenging when faced with the celebrity culture that invades their lives through TV, internet and other channels, this effectively cultivates their minds and ultimately, their sense of self esteem. Their voice on certain subjects is often used as a platform for their growing bank balance and their popularity, yet what does this actually teach our children of today.

I’m very proud to publish this piece written by my daughter, her opinions on the celebrity culture and the obsessional nature they teach to the younger generation and, the double edged sword that celebrities fall under! Her piece highlights an accurate point from both sides of the fence! The growing nature of low self esteem for the fan, and the growing discontent for the celebrity!


Celebrities are quintessential for Media to survive… Or are they? Are we as a society so obsessed and dependant on false idols to fill our life with meaning, that we struggle to find it elsewhere? These are the questions we should be asking as a collective.

Let’s explore this further. Celebrities in Media. It’s no secret that there is an overwhelming desire for fame amongst many people, and if you think deeper into it- if the pursuit of an individual into fame lacks passion, then what is the point? Why should we as a culture put you at a higher value than the rest of us? Personally, I find it ridiculous. How is a single human is supposed to persevere through the cut-throat competition that we have created? Always looking for the next best thing, we search for the youngest, hottest, newest thing. What happens to a celebrity once they are forgotten? Do they return to a normal life knowing that at one point in time, the entire world knew their name! It’s depressing, and it is a curse. A burden to live with. We plague a young, talented being with the overwhelming pressure to be too much. But of course, the concept of fame is a double edged sword.

After this exposure, the ego is spoiled. The plague of pressure turns to entitlement. And suddenly, 15 minutes of fame can turn into the over indulgence of opinions and judgement. As soon as we put someone under the spotlight, they think their opinion means something. Which, of course, it does. But is it worth more than anybody else’s voices? Impressionable fans and followers are manipulated and deceived to follow the same ideologies blindly. Is this what we want for our children? Do we want our children to depend so much on a household personality that they cannot develop their own beliefs? We are raising a society that births personality-less children who idolise a fake image. Celebrities exist because we allow them to. We collectively allow them to control, influence and persuade our lives as if they have any power in it at all and for what?

But we are not so different, because these qualities of pressure and over entitlement exist in both of us. We invade these ‘idols’ lives and destroy their mental health and trust, as we believe that we deserve to know the ins and outs of their lives, completely disregarding their rights to privacy. Because WE are over entitled. We think, as we have given this individual exposure and money and popularity, we are justified to ruin their lives.

So why is fame so desired in the community that we live in? We feed this bitter leviathan to escape our daily lives. We see that the idol life is filled with judgement, pressure, vulnerability and hatred. Yet, we cannot seem to give up the power we have assigned to it.

Then, where on the bench of reality, do we sit? The entire bench is covered with piercing needles. Every life we choose results in misery. This is an under recognised preconception of inequality on both ends. Neither end are more important than the other. There is no life that is ‘better’ as meaning does not come from fame. Meaning cannot come from fame. A life of fame; submission, disrespect, mediocrity and lies cannot amount to anything. Just to return to the same cycle that feeds into the false success. It is sad and I cannot express into words how the acquiescence of this concept is the human races biggest downfall.

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