The mirror of the soul’s journey

We all experience trauma in childhood, very few can state they had a perfect childhood, these experience’s affect us, creating our personal perspective and perception, as we develop and these personal perception’s shape our bias’s and prejudice. It’s a necessary part of our souls development, along the journey of life, and nothing or nobody can stop you from retrieving these parts of yourself. By working on yourself and learning to love who you are, your soul is freed from the constraints of projections and prejudices that were created in childhood and inevitably add to the ego, personality and character, of who we become!

The journey of the soul is a journey within, where uncovering the different inner child trauma’s, ego conflicts, and ego wounds, learning to parent ourselves, we learn we are more than just this physical body. We are also, social, sensual and emotional creatures, driven by our minds, emotions and ultimately, connected, by love. Yet we so often harbour grudges against our enemies for our hurts and slights, which is really a hurt against the personal ego and our own egioc belief to our own self righteousness.

Learning to work on ourselves with a singular perception, beyond the dualistic point of view, and into wholeness, we slough off those prejudices that held us captive and discover the world of adventure, the inner world is a place where we discover a new world beyond physical sight and we can all experience the riches of our inner world.

With singular, I mean accepting the two dualistic sides of everything and embracing them into a whole. We are all good and bad in many different aspects and perceptions! Acceptance is the key to freeing the mind of these constraints.

Our individual journeys are personal to each of us, yet everyone we meet and communciate with, is actually a mirror to our own shadow or unconscious beliefs. They can teach us, bless us, or hurt us, with what they have to share! Sometimes we don’t like what were being told, it doesn’t mean its wrong or that we should start a fight against them, it often means there is a weakness or a imbalance with ourselves and our egoic belief system has got in the way! Or is could be an imbalance within them?

We are mirrors to each other, just as the physical mirror reflects who we are as a physical body, the people we encounter including those who harm us, are also a mirror to our inner body. ‘As within, so without.’ To learn about our weaknesses we often get hurt or angry with those who we believe ‘are out to get us!’ When you change your perspective and look at the opposite person’s point of view, as a lesson for your soul’s growth, then we can learn to understand our own presumptions and prejudices and either embrace them as a part of who we are, or let them go and gives thanks for the lesson or trauma it gave.

Sometimes, the other mirror is the one that needs to learn from you!

Underneath the masks we wear, we are all children without any concept of prejudice, its the ego that creates prejudice during life’s journey as a child and with our families, and our social communities!

Life, and our interactions with each other is merely a reflection of what we need to learn about ourselves and each other.

Not all people who come into our life are meant to stay there, often they show up to teach you a lesson or give you a blessing. We often curse at GOD for our pain and suffering, yet we all have free will, but we abuse this gift, or, we don’t actually know how to use it! The phrase ‘GOD helps those who help themselves’ means exactly that, only, in a world of conflict and hate, we overlook what this truly means. To help yourself means help you, without expecting someone else to do for you what you can do yourself! It doesn’t mean, ‘oh yes I’ll rob a bank or rape a woman, cos GOD says I can help myself!’ that’s clearly abusing free will and demonstrates selfish self righteousness.

We all indulge in the fruits of life’s sweet temptations. Nobody is a saint in today’s modern society. Moderation in those luxuries is really the key to self control! Sugar – is one of the biggest causes of ill health, overloading the brain with dopamine, yet nobody can stop eating it!  Because it’s in pretty much everything we eat! Even fruit! Again, moderation is necessary to help the body cope. Meat is another cause of ill health, causing aggression. And, new studies have proven Dementia is caused by meat consumption!! Add into this fact that the we become what we eat, through abuse and slaughter that follows the animal and then makes its way to the plate, eating animals that suffered torture effectively enters the human body and then affects the biological components integral to good health! If you don’t believe me, research those people who have had organ transplant’s, evidence proves the person takes on personality changes of the original owner, after the transplant has taken effect in the body!

My point is, not all trauma is due to physical or emotional. There are a myriad of answers, if we took the time to look inside our own journey.

Sometimes it takes a trauma, disease or disability to bring us to our senses to realise our faults or weaknesses, to make us addres our own attitude and behaviour. Life’s lessons and the food we consume are the greatest teacher’s of all, both affecting our behaviour, to ourselves and each other!

In today’s culture, there are many people who we meet, who appear toxic and have no desire to clean up their act. It’s either their own ego and their own ignorance limiting them, or they could well be a teacher, that will tell us what we don’t want to hear,  because it’s the truth! Or, they cannot show kindness because they have never been taught or learn’t how to do this! There are multiple reasons why, one size or reason,  doesn’t fit all?

We are all the same expression of the same GOD source, we all live beneath the same sky, we walk on the same earth, our creator is the same creator that shares his name with all other religions and cultures. We are all ONE individual expression of the same, living in the same ONE world! We, create divisions through our own greed! When science and Religion learn to work together, the world we exist in will be a more harmonious and kinder place for all the species in this universe.

This Earth and our world is a Spiritual super highway, a playground for each of us to learn and play, our senses are what distinguishes our experience and this is what makes the discovery of life all the more richer in the never ending quest to discover our true selves. We’re all sensory underneath the mire and dirt that life has shown us. When we evolve in our soul’s journey, love becomes the primary essense of who we are, through love, we can bring heaven down to earth and live a more harmonious and balanced existence.

Yet Love isn’t always candy and roses, sometimes it’s heartache, sometimes it’s heartbreak and other times, it’s a brutal swift blow. It can be cruel, and it can be kind! The pendulum of life’s trials swings in both directions. As a child, we experience love as excitement, an awe with all of life and nature, engrossed in the world that offers us adventure and passionate exploration! We can still experience this joyous emotion, because we are ultimately the master’s to our own drives!

Love is the language we are born with, without words, a smile, a hug, a frown, these are the expressions that let the soul step forward, and speak from the inner world. The mirror to our social interactions help us to realise our weaknesses, and our strengths. Just as heartbreak, and suffering can show us the path to redemption and humility. Suffering and sorrow brings you closer to god! Happiness too expresses love and joy, it makes the heart sing!

It’s our own personal perspective of expectations we hold from others, and to attachments, that causes us the most pain. When we remove the attachment to what we expect love to be, and let love breathe in all its glory, we learn more about who we truly are and free ourselves from the misery of the ego, we discover the world is rich in diverse culture, abundant with wonder and beauty and free the inner voice from the trauma’s and tragedies it accumulated in life.

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