The battle of the sexes!

The battle of the sexes – All is fair in love and domestic WAR!!!

One of the biggest causes of marital disharmomy is self acceptance of body image and knowing those limitations! Thus – Do I look fat in this?? It affects both genders and its really about self acceptance as opposed to love?

In love and marriage one of the most destroying aspects between man and women is when a woman says to her man ‘Do I look fat in this!’

Oh my god, get your lawyers number on speed dial. Here come the divorce papers!!

Men actually stop and think, they come out of their compartmentalised mind and think – shit, is this a trick question! Then they might choose to be honest and tell the truth, or play it safe and lie instead. Its really a no win situation for either party!

The lie

‘No darling you don’t look fat in that!’

‘Are you just saying that to make me feel better’. Or, ‘oh you’re just saying that to make me feel better!’

When the truth is, she does look fat, and his nose grows an extra 10 inches proverbailly speaking! What he’s secretly thinking is (I wish the ole boy downstairs would grow like this instead of my nose!!)

Then she says – ‘don’t lie I do, look, its tight here,’ the truth is, she knows she does. She wouldn’t of asked him otherwise?

So he says – ‘No, honestly, you don’t look fat in that, you’re as beautiful as the day I met you!’ Another fat lie again cos she’s had two kids and the extra layers have been hell to shift! She genuinely does look fat, he just doesn’t have the bollocks to say it!

She sulks and he wonders how the hell does he get out of this without upsetting the missus even more. He shakes his head in disbelief and wanders off in his head thinking – shit, I better come up with something fast or else I ain’t getting laid again!

The convesation continues like a ping pong game! until, either the woman goes off in a strop or the bloke walks out to the pub!!

Girls, that’s why he’s got to lie!!!

Then there’s the honest approach!

He says – ‘Yes,’

She darts him a scowl and gives him the eyeball look of death and says, ‘So your saying I’m fat now!’

Oh shit, here comes a row!

No, I’m not saying your fat, I said yes it makes you look fat? Theres a difference!’
No there isn’t, you said I look fat,’ She starts to get insecure about herself! Picking a fight with her beloved!

He’s now scratching his head wondering what he said wrong? He’s stuck now and thinking, shit I should of lied, at least she wouldn’t be pissed with me now. He loses himself in his thoughts and is panicking, cos he definately aint getting laid.

Do I look fat in this, its one of the main damaging questions thats exchanged between and husband and wife! And vice versa, cos men say it too, and women have to lie! It destroys self esteem, wrecks relationships and is one of the main slights that either gender takes personally. Write it into the marriage contract if you have to. If you know you look fat in whatever your wearing, spare your relationship the collatoral damage and don’t ask you beloved, because it’ll lead you straight down the road to disharmony and straight into the divorce court!

If you’ve got a wide load, shake it! Don’t put pressure on your spouse or destroy a good relationship. Just accept yourself, flaws and all!

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