Kalki – the 10th Avatar

Kalki, the 10th avatar of Vishnu in Hunduism, the great destryer of filth, and at the end of time, where moral decline is everywhere, where prohpets have predictied the end of the iron age – Lord Kalki will return to take human form.

All this is pre ordained in the system of god! He will appear at the end of the kali yuga. He comes to defeat the poisonous snake! He will not come to teach, but to punish and chastise and to cleanse mother earth of the evils upon her. Although he does not want to do this through violence, he will first use cooperation!

In the dark ages, when evil is rampant among society, when mad dictators and authoritian rulers abuse power with nuclear weapons, the world will experience famines, diseases, pollution, crime, violence, catastrophes and a worldwide decline of morality, Lord Kalki will take birth. The 10th avatar of God will return to earth to restore harmony and tranquility in his kingdom.

Texts say he will be born in a family of an eminent brahman of shamballa village in the form of a virtuous man, in human body to restore tranquility by the extermination of EVILS! He will destroy all barbarians and theives, all of those whose minds are devoted to inequity. When there are no temples left and people of the world have forgotton the difference between heaven and hell.

Humans will only be able to eat fish and drink sheep and lambs milk, there will be no cows left. Everyone will be out for their own gain, lying to each other. Nobody will follow vedic rituals or fasting. Women will speak bitterly and be extremely negative, they will not listen to their husbands and adultery will grow! Things will be so bad that police and governments will be corrupt and will be worse than the petty criminals. Everyone will fight against each other. Sins committed by people will be beyond repair. Kalki will return and he will inevitably kill those who promote evil! He will punish all those with his sword of terror. As his name and fame will grow everywhere on land and sea. He will penetrate the core of each man with his iron rod and he will free the east from trouble, his powers of intelligence along with his unbeatable strength he will devour those who impose theselves as kings to restablish rightousness and moral law!

Legend says that Kali – his nemesis that is found in the domain of gambling, fornication, intoxication and where women fight against each other and men are controlled by the jezebel and her charms. When humans who are misguided by the influence of time, restless by nature and full of lust, ruled by their genitals of lustful desires, where they lust after wives of others and always seem intoxicated by their own greed, fond of gratifying their bellies. Prideful and extremely violent to their own mother and father.

When the sun, moon, venus and jupiter are in one mansion, Kalki and a new age shall return.

He will ride a white horse with wings, some ancient texts point towards this being a unicorn while others say it is white horse with wings, a blazing sword that will pierce through the minds and souls of the most self rightous of men and women. He will have eight superpowers, and an army to complete his works, as he brings forth an age which moves from the Kali yuga to the new age of Satya yuga.

There will be those who will be awakened by Kalki’s sword, where there minds will be as clear as crystal. And there will be those who will fall under the strike of his sword, like a thief in the night, their destruction will be swift, fast and with prejudice. He will come, and you will either be saved, or you will be enslaved! The choice is your’s!

He will restore morality by virtue of the four classes and this will be the new age, a new humanity!

Where is this village of shamballa? A secret place, hidden in the mountains of the himalayas, a place so secret, and heavily protected that no man has ever been able to conquer. Is the shamballa, the bridge between two worlds, where the physical meets the non physical? Where the inner meets the outer? Where the macrocosm and the microcosm exist together, in harmony. Where the gods of the universe live, in safety and in secret, a spititual haven, for the pure of heart! Only those who are awakened are said to be able to see this magnificent haven, where heaven and earth, live in peace!

Without a doubt, by observing the strife that exists among humanity today, we are now living in the age of kaliyuga, – texts written by prophets indicate we have another 427’000 years before he returns, but judging by the moral decline of humanity, he could rise sooner than we think. Is Kalki here, preparing to take back his kingdom!

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