C’om’passion –

Compassion, even the title has a reference to god – ohm!

A feeling like emotion, that bristles against the pores of your skin, ticking the hairs along your body, as you lay down your boundaries and step into someone else’s reality. To emotionally be moved from within, a sweeping sensation that is addictive, warm and soothing to the opened, awakened heart. Compassion, is a warmth felt in the chest, where you can accept, appreciate and remember to consider how the action will impact on others, to allow the other to share their inner feelings, inner being, communicating passion, without words! A connection of two souls, experiening the feelings of the other.

It’s a blending of two people, two bodies, two energies, absorbing the others emotional, physical, spiritual and verbal expression. If the other person is sad, you will feel a sadness. If the other person is in pain, you will feel the extent of their pain. If the other person is unable to verbally speak, you will understand everything that is spoken by the eye to eye engagement. Compassion is gods passion. Learn to communicate without the voice, listening without sound, when eye to eye meets soul to soul! This is where god works through you. In the depth of stillness and silence, he speaks, just listen and he will reply.

To understand and feel compassion, first you need to understand empathy, then when you can fully empathise with another, you experience compassion. A twinge in the heart, or a lump in the throat, maybe an overwhelming urge to stay spellbound, to the moment. A feeling that inspires action, sometimes that action is to listen, sometimes its a hand to hold during times of despair. Sometimes it comes through service, serving another where the other is incapable of obtaining this themselves.

To be compassionate is to empathise with another, then act upon that emotional state, to help the other to relieve their suffering. For some, the act of active listening is to become compassionate, or bear compassionate witness. For others it’s a conscious choice from conscience.

Consciousness, expanded intelligence…..awareness………aha moment…….all of a sudden, you get it? Without emotional turbulence, a peaceful download of divine love.

To appreciate compassion you first have to accept and be grateful, for all of lifes trials and trauma’s. Compassion is learnt through experiencing pain, life is full of experiences that teach us about ourselves and each other. The world is our playground, where we get to learn from each other. Every lesson or trauma is a blessing of compassion just waiting to be revealed underneath the mire and dirt, below the threshold of pain, lies the treasure of gold we all seek to find.

Forgiveness….. to accept YOUR flaws, YOUR imperfections and those flaws of another, the naivety and foolishness of yourself, to forgive yourself is to unload the pain and accept that you are not in control of your destiny. Let go and let god! Your lessons come as the teacher for your soul to evolve and move forward, to forgive those who transgress against you. Acceptance is how we pay for the traumas that befall out path, forgiving and accepting removes any obstacles from having any effect on your future. Humble yourself to your lifes lessons, your no bigger or better than the person who inflicted the pain, infact the person who inflicted them to you was a teacher, and you were the student. With gratitude we accept that whatever trauma we experienced was necessary for the soul to evolve, to allow room for the grace of god to take place within. Pain is life’s greatest teacher that enables us to grow and move forward. You were given the experience for a reason, to help you grow. Be thankful for what breaks you, because thats what makes you…. its the wounds that we each carry and purge, that leads us to greatness, with gods grace, we become our creators gift to life, and life is the gift we should embrace. To help you to know yourself and your relationship with your god, your creator.


What doesn’t kill you will make you stronger, and whatever you believe, it is god who brings you through it, moreover …. You know better now! Your stronger from what the lesson taught you. All lessons are really blessings for the soul journey!

Humanity currently has four ages that makes up mankind, they are birth, disease, old age and death. We are all born and inevitably we all age and die, disease is something we battle with. As a species we are always chasing after the next big fix, we fail as a species to fix ourselves, blaming the other for offending us, or hurting us, we fail to understand the truth behind each interaction. There is a story behind each of our traumas and tragedies, we can never truly know what the other person is experiencing or has experienced, showing kindness is better than critisism, to judge another it to judge ourselves. Prejudice breeds contempt. Contempt is heavy to hold and poisons the soul, it creates bitterness and dilutes the true nature of who we are.

Who or what we perceive as our enemies are really the teachers, to the mirror within. Each person we encounter is a mirror of your souls truth, and if you have done the inner, internal work, then you become the mirror to others, where they can view themselves and see their truth. Some people you meet may not like what you say or what is mirrored back to them, so through choice or through voice, they choose to be rude, inconsiderate, insolent etc, and through holding up the mirror, they leave your presence feeling disgruntled, angry, vexed even, this is their inner pain that they choose to project to you, because this inner anger and pain is too painful for them to accept about themselves. This rage is an internal anger that is manifested from the ego, the slighted, burnt and outraged ego, who projects the self because it can’t bear to be a compassionate witness to their own prejudice and pain.

We fight against each other because we fail to acknowledge the gift of communication, the journey of the soul is littered with traps and tricksters, designed to pull you away from the blessing of the lesson.

In my journey of soul evolution, I learnt that kindness, is a paradox, a virtue and a vice. Once you give, it is expected again and again, you have to learn to say no and uphold your integrity, develop healthy boundaries between yourself and the other. You shouldn’t allow yourself to be a doormat, but you shouldn’t excuse yourself away from owning what part you played either, your not the victim and your not the victor either. You’re worth more than being a doormat to someone elses power and it isn’t healthy to be held captive to someone else’s pain. You can’t cure what isn’t yours to cure and like the horse to the trough, you can’t force the other person to drink from the trough! You have no power to change someone to fit your expectations or ideal version that you want from them, only they can do this. It takes courage to exhume pain, to feel the betrayals and bruises that are inflicted upon you. But exhume it you must, if you seek peace of mind. If you yearn for clarity in the heart. You have to face the pain, have courage to face your darkness. I promise you, forgive yourself, and those who you believe have traumatised you, as the pot of gold behind the pain is worth it.

There is beauty to be found in every beast, just as there is a beast inside every beauty. What counts is whom the beholder is and how they appreciate those concepts inside you. Not everyone is going to like you, and thats fine. If you want to be liked by everyone, your coming from an egoic perspective, which will only pull you down even more.

You have to feel to heal.

I learnt that compassion is a virtue, that heals all the wounds inside. It’s also a vice as it can make you a martyr too! It’s powerful, its emotional. It’ll have you weeping in the bucketload. And it’s cleansing… a cleansing of the soul, the spirit within god.

I learnt that to love myself, I have to love the wounded child, the one I tried hard to overcompensate for! The one I hide from the world because she is a bossy little madam! And a cry baby too! But through her trials and drama’s I still love and I still smile. You have to get back up, nobodys expecting you to bounce back immediately, grieve if you need to, scream and cry, shout and bawl your eyes out, just don’t stay there. Pain or pleasure, they both deliver the greatest lessons. It’s what it means to be human, to be real. To have passion and compassion. We are all different expressions of the same divine essence underneath. It’s what makes us unique, different, individual and interesting.

I’m such a fool and I am easily fooled, such is the paradox of who I am!

I learnt that loving yourself, is the best self healing method there is. I learnt that love, can heal and love can hurt, it depends on the lesson and, the teacher! Each lesson is necessary for the development of soul growth. Understand the lesson and you will have a greater understanding of yourself.

Forgiveness, be grateful for your traumas, your pains, your agonising heartbreak, be thankful that you had the chance to live, to learn, to feel. Be grateful for those knives in your back from a lover, collegue, friend, or even your boss, give thanks because it was a favour that showed you your weakness, or a boundary you now need to defend! Be wise, be discerning. Don’t retaliate, its not your responsibilty to perpetuate the cycle – karma will do that! What goes around will always come back and haunt you.

Traumas are life’s lessons, that the soul needs to grow, to understand, to learn to discern. To move forward and grow. Your trauma’s can either make you or break you, it really depends on your perspective and perception. Did you learn something or did you lose something? Once the lesson has been learnt, let it go and move forward. Lighten your load, lighten up, it’s a beautiful world we live in, enjoy it. Love it. Love each other as you wish to be loved and love will love you back.

We could all use a little bit more love today, express yourself. Share your love with those you meet, it could change their life and that, is a love worth living, a love worth giving!


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