The Lovers – love and passion

The Lovers

Act one

In the land of darkness, A golden egg lay deep down in the void of darkness, at the very bottom of the universe. Where dark matter waited, for the breathe of air, the rush of the geyser stream bursts forth into the spark of light, the spark of creation. Eons passed as the egg sat inside the womb of the primordial mother, slowly watching, waiting for time to become ripe, ready to hatch! The eruption of the egg starts to split open. From this magical, mystical moment, sprang forth the primordial Essence of love. With glittering golden wings, that fanned open swift, like the whirlwind of a tempest.

Love was birthed into matter….

Love roamed in the darness of matter, where he met his true love Passion, the flames of the fire, fanned open and they were entwined together in the depth of the abyss.

They mated and danced along the spectrum of colours, the two starcrossed lovers, intermingling between seduction, and pain. Dancing along the chords of celestial sensuality, twisting and spinning to the colours of red, orange, yellow, green and blue, intermingling against the friction of their mystical entwined soul.

Love and Passion roamed out from the darkness among the stars, together they romped among the universe, soaring through the stars, dancing to the celestial harps, a melody, so divine, so heavenly, sweeter than the nectar of the flower, faster than the speed of light and into the magnificent spectacular light show of night sky.

It is we, the children, love and passion, we must spread our wings and fire these arrows. The piercing of the shard to break through the most blackened and hardened of hearts. Opening the innermost sacred chambers, hidden deeply in the bosom of the sacred heart. Where love lives, breathes and grows. The fountain of the nectar stream glows to the golden glow of their heavenly magical mystery.

The two spin off together out into the cosmos, high above the stars….. laughing as they danced to the chords of heavens song, the lovers dance around the celestial stars.

Then….. the lovers reach a vortex… ‘Is this is the gateway to new lands,’ Love whispers to passion. ‘He kisses her fervently and promises they will never part. ‘This new land we must explore. We must see!’

They must go through to discover new adventures and riches…. but there is a risk, they may lose each other stepping over…. A risk they must take to discover new and wonderful adventures.

Together Love and passion jump through and instantly separate…..


A thunderclap and a loud roar, the bang against the floor as Passion spins downward moving further and further away from love.

‘Where for art thou my true love’ passion weeps with melochany and sadness! An aching so raw… A void of emptiness encapsulates the call of her soul. ‘where for art thou!’ She whispers to the wind as she sits in mourning for her love. An aeon passes as she waits by the valley, upon the cliff edge. During daylight she roams the land. Searching for her her love. She walks along rough terrain, swims among the oceanic bed scouring every niche, every cave, her feet bleed in her quest to find the playmate she yearns for with intensity, to find her beloved again. At night she moves with force and power. Her winds can be as soft as a whisper, or as loud as thunder, her roar is heard to the clap of thunder as she mourns with the moonlight, for her lost love.

The lighting bolt strikes the bowels of the land where she surrenders to the vault of light, striking her heart to the core…. ‘Love, love, Is it thee.’


…… To be continued….


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