Soul mates – True love verses False love

True love…..

The false masculine and false feminine!

Poor is the man who fails to ifentify that his own anima, his own internal psychology has contributed to his repressed anger and frustration towards woman! This type of man truly believes he can buy love from his choice of woman with objects, things and status. He will always be remain unfulfilled and lost due to the nature of his own anima and his enslavement to his ego that he can never truly love a woman and will keep many as his trophy or prize, to substitute for his own neglected inner anima.

Barren, empty and lost is the man who demands, controls and rapes from woman what was never his to steal or pillage, for he loses all his masculinity and reveals the cowardice of his true self! His desperation to control and maim is externally revealed as he knows he is not worthy of any woman.

When a woman is lost, so is man. The truth is – woman is the window to a mans heart and a mans heart is the gateway to his soul and spirit within, the god self.

Until man can recognize and resolve his own inner anima, and reclaim her, he will never be able to truly love a woman or discover the greatness he so fervently and foolishly tries to project to the external world! The transparancy of his anima is reflected in his choice of either a trophy or an object of possession hanging on his arm! So too is the woman, who relinquishes her feminine gifts to be that object for man and chooses status and power over her integrity and her innate gifts, that she prostitutes her soul and dies inside. Her outer beauty is replaced with an ugly anima, where her gifts of femininity lose their sexual prowess! When woman measures herself on her need for approval and acceptance of man, she loses her integrity, dignity and her beauty. She has no real charms to offer because she neglected to accept her anima, instead looking outwards to improve herself instead of nurturing what she holds in her heart.

That’s false, conditional love!

The rising of the divine feminine that meets the divine masculine!

Love is the gift of life – the glue to binds the two in the lovers dance and this is the only true connection between an man and a woman.

Blessed is the man who surrenders his need for power and control over woman, for in this exchange, he relinquishes his obsession for control and by surrendering to her power, he will gain the doorway to his soul and the the crown to rule his kingdom. He will be envied by all men, as he is rewarded with truth, love and the beauty of the real goddess! Not by one he tries to shape or create!

When woman can relinquish her need to control and manipulate man, she too will achieve and recieve the protection and love of her king, and he will gain her love and strength.

A (lioness) true queen protects three things, her king, her throne beside him and their cubs! A (lion) true king protects his kingdom, his queen, as she will always provide the strength he needs to protect the pride! She becomes his only weakness and she is the source to his power and strength!


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