Love …..


Its a big word that is interpreted personally.

We’re taught what love is from our family, friendships, mistakes we make, lovers we choose and through raising children. Love is the concept we all chase after.

To be loved and to have love.

To be admired and desired….. To be respected and revered…… To be appreciated and accepted…..To be authentic and real……. To feel ALIVE!

Everybody has their own perception of love. Some romantacise love and project their ideal onto the other. When their chosen other doesn’t live up to their mental image and expectations… things go wrong, or even disastrous! This is because their own internal expectations were different from their ideal compliments character. Its can also be because one of the two, refuses to compromise or take personal responsibility, within the relationship! Or is it a refusal to accept the other as they are! Conditional love comes with a price tag!

Conflicts arise out of misunderstandings formed from ego’s wounded beliefs! Destructive or damaging ego beliefs are formed from childhood, which get played out in the relationship and romantic sphere. These conflicts and misunderstandings are lessons that lead you back to your own inner world of destruction and self sabatoage. Are you hiding a hidden grudge or hurt, or are you refusing to accept that you have a inner hidden hurt that needs healing! By examing your own slights, hurts and wounds, you can learn so much about your own persona, shadow behaviours and release the grip it held over you and your life. You can’t expect your choice of love to complete you if you have unresolved wounds!

Then there’s maternal/paternal love. This is where we as children discover what it feels like to be loved. We learn what love is from our parents, how they support our development, or even destroy it! It is the childs experiences that shapes the temperament, character and ego constructs, which creates the internal foundations for the child. Naturally, anyone who has been hurt and maimed will be defensive and guarded, this is how and where wounds accumulate! Fears are built during childhood because we were small and insignificant. Once we mature into adulthood, our smallness is hidden away and we project a false mask back to the world, hiding those fears along with the feelings it gave! A child raised by a cold parent, will grow up with internal complex structures that contribute to anxiety and inner pain, creating insecurities. A child raised in a warm family, will grow up feeling more confident, instilled with security.

One persons perception of love could be the total opposite to that of the other.

One mans treasure is another mans trash! It’s individual personal perception to what each of us want to experience.

The family is the strongest instution in the world….. and parenting, is no easy task!

Unconditional love is to love without boundaries or restrictions and to give freely, what resides in your heart. Unconditional love is what is shared between a mother and child, between two lovers, between friendships! Unconditional love is to love without judgement.

Conditional love is exactly what is says, love with conditions! You do this and i’ll give you that! Your not getting this unless you give me that! Unconditional love is the polar opposite, without conditions, its given freely!

Without love, there is no understanding between two hearts. Love breaks through the boundaries and barriers between two people and creates the unity of oneness. A whole, where two parts come together to make one.

Love is the glue that binds the two lovers in the dance of romance, laughter and tears.

Love is all around us…. Love is all there is….. Send your sweetheart a love letter and let love grow. Spread the love vibe..


For my one true love, Here’s my love letter to you.

I love you because you are My love.

I love you because you are part of me, a part of me that I could never imagine being apart from…

I love you because of how you look at me, awed, during a beautiful sunset…..

I love you because of the joy you give me by just being alive…. How you make me feel inside…..

I love you because you’re you…. a mirror to my soul.

I love you because your love is true…. forever to be hold.

If you ever doubt my love for you, remember that I am always there, loving every cell in your body, every inch of your skin….. every single hair….

I loved you from the moment of our first touch…. the electric explosion I felt from the first kiss…

Enchanted by the lovers dance…. as we soared across the stars and sky

Bewitched by your smile and the sparkle in your eyes…

Possessed by the power of your love as we walk in midnights hour….

Seduced by your shy smile…. you captured my heart from the second our eyes first met…

Take shelter inside my wings of love, when nights are cold and long……let my feathers warm your soul, where two halfs make a whole….

I love you without reason, forever you and I…..

A love blessed by the rythym of the chords that heaven brings….

Surrender to my heart my love….. let your heart be locked with mine…..

Seduce my body and let the limbs of ours entwine…

For you are all my love and all my love is true….

I can never love another the way that I love only you.

Now you’ve gone and I am lost without your loving arms.

Across the sea, beyond the stars …. a million miles from my heart…

Will we ever meet again… to let the flames of love burn through this passionate heart…

Can you hear me, my one true love, can you hear me cry?

When you first felt hopelessness, I could feel your pain….. and it’s tearing me up inside.

Did I hurt you… did you hurt me…. does it matter anymore?

Because love can overcome mountains and crash through every closed locked door…

I miss the playful smile…. only you’re love makes me come alive.

Let my touch embrace you once more..

I keep your picture next to my bed, and in a pocket by my heart…

I say a prayer to you every night….. In prayer I send loves flight….

I miss the daydreams we used to have about the beautiful future I was going to help you build……

I yearn for the day when we can walk hand in hand again… across the shore…. where the world falls away and we are lost in the lovers entwine.

Come home, come back into my arms….. take shelter inside my feathered wings…

Take refuge inside my warm embrace, turn this winter back to spring….

Let the sun shine forth again to birth a million stars….. Reclaim my weary tired heart…. My love will forevers be yours….

The tears I weep are silent…. the rivers run so deep… Let destiny return your heart into my open wings!

Two hearts that dance with two souls, joined by one mind!


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