What is Love

What is love?

Love is the meaning to life, to love is the show compassion through expression. To love is to live with no restraints, no boundaries that restrict the content of what is held deep within our hearts. Love is the breathe of life, the concept of love is interpreted individually in each of us yet we all share the same love.

To love another without boundaries, is unconditional. Like the love a mother shares with her child. A deep protective and nurturing expression.

To love means to find out what matters to the other person, to appreciate their efforts and to care about what they care about, because this shows understanding, it shows respect. It is love, for loving someone is not possible without understanding them first. To love someone the way you want to love them is not really love. To truly love means to love them the way they want to be loved. If you are loving him or her the way you like to be loved then you may not be loving them at all. You may just be giving love according to your preference and perspective. Know the difference. Learn to love without limits if you want to be loved back.

Is it love to always be happy in a relationship? No. Love means that you share your joys and sorrows, that you grow together and accept the vulnerability that comes with being in love. You will get hurt at times and you will be unhappy sometimes. As long as you care about the other person, you are still in love.

Love is all we have, love is who we are beneath all the traumas, betrayals, burdens and life’s sufferings.

Suffering is life’s lesson, we all suffer from heart ache and heartbreak.

To suffer is to know love, to suffer is to feel, to be broken, to be maimed by the realities of life is to know love from the depths of the heart. When our hearts are burnt in the flames of passion is evidence that your heart has given love. Compassion is the key to overcome the tragedies of love. The compassionate heart has loved beyond tragedy, given beyond measure and conditions, and passes over all boundaries and restrictions.


Love is all that is….. Love is truth… Love is life….. Love nurtures and nourishes the soul…..

When you give love. Give all of your heart, let love guide you. Let love smile on you. Let love be your guide. Let your heart be broken by deception and betrayal as then you can say that you have loved. When you give love, give all of yourself…. surrender to the power… You are love…. You are loved. … you gave love therefore you are loved.

Our hearts speaks a language the human ears are unable to hear, the human eyes cannot see, only the human touch can only feel.

We are all blessed by love ❤️

Be love and love will always be with you.

Let your love shine through the cracks of the heartbreak, the scars of betrayal, the wounds of a broken romance, the failures and despair, and show the world your love is true.

For You ARE love and love is YOU.

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