Prejudice – to pre judge someone or something!

Prejudice – to pre judge someone or something on first impressions!
We all have opinions and beliefs, these concepts travel with us through out lifes journey, some become stronger and others more resiliant!

But where does prejudice come from or how does it present itself?

We form prejudiced beliefs out of learnt behaviours, which are accumulated throughout our lifetime. Anger, its an emotion we all have experienced at some point in our lives. Its a message from within, a voice as such. We often flip out when we experience this emotion. By flip out i mean, react! Sometimes verbally, sometimes emotionally and sometimes physically. This is what it means to be human, experiencing emotions. These emotions are from our authentic self, the gentle voice behind the roar. Or eruption! Sometimes our anger can be destructive and damaging, saying things off the cuff. And words can be just as damaging as an throwing and object, or breaking a limb! We focus solely on the outer and forget the inner, the story of our unconscious memories. These stories carry a message, from somewhere unhealed or unwanted! We repress the memories we didnt like and reveal, or we protect them, and defend them at the first instinct. This is the voice of the authentic you. Its your anger, what is ‘it’ your angry for or ‘at’, then ask yourself why? This will show you where your prejudice originates. Was it your own past hurt that formed a judgement! Or is it something that was instilled by your parents! Or through societal comformity?

Examine and purge your prejudice and you will relieve yourself of unecessary pain!

Then we have our gender, or anima/animus. The masculine feminine, its actually fluid and takes preference to its owner. What I mean is the anima can be dominant in men or women, and vice versa. We have both within us, and its a choice we make as to which essesne we prefer. Sex doesnt stipulate our gender! We do. We make a choice of what we want to identify with! Women can be more driven and fast paced and men can be more effeminate and gentle. Therefore, gender isn’t rigid, like our thinking can sometimes be.

These psychological aspects, are all part of our human form, although we prefer to judge on appearances only? Our shadow protects our creativity and authenticity. Connecting to the flow within to allow expression and compassion is the key to freedom within!

We all express ourselves individually, specific to our own desires and wants. We form our perceptions from our early experiences, these perceptions are unique to each of us. And often, in conflict with someone else? This is a lesson that we can learn from. Yet we still judge the other because they can’t or don’t comply to our perception or perspective! To judge is to have pre conceived opinions and beliefs that affect the putcome of when two people come together. Sometimes we don’t agree with the other, this doesn’t mean we should condemn them, fight against them or commit an act of revenge!

Conflict is psychological communication – how we respond is what is important- what needs to be addressed is the reason why the conflict is there in the first place. Two opposite energies, or genders need to balance their internal turmoil within to enable a more functional, healthier relationship. To be whole is to accept and embrace all, including the flaws.

Violence doesn’t solve anything, whereas communication does! 

Compassion is the antidote to prejudice! Choose compassion over prejudice because you can never know the true story behind a person until youve walked a mile in their boots!


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