A Mother’s Love

The role and responsibility of a mother!

A midwife starts her shift and attends to a mother in the delivery room where she lay, straps connected to a machine connected on her abdomen. The young mother is tired and weary from the long labour pains she is enduring. The midwife encourages the mother, cheering her urging her to pant and push. The mother wriggles and twists to the rise and fall, a crescendo rising like a geyser, then a second of relief as the tide comes crashing down. The peaks and troughs of the rising crescendo..scorching…. burning every inch of her body, the searing agony rips open every inch of her skin right down through her muscles and into her skeleton, penetrating her to the core again and again and again. The pain burns to each contraction She screams in blinding agony to each growing pain.

In the opposite room another mother cries in agony, not only from physical pain, but she also has another deeper pain, a void so deep and barren…. A void….. a penetrating emotional pain, ripping her heart in two as tears slide down her face to the searing burn she feels on each contracting muscle. Her mind dark as she knows her baby has already died, and she must birth him… into empty arms!

One mother is seen sobbing by the cotside of her newborn in the the neo natal unit. She clasps her hands into a temple, her eyes low and the teardrops splash on the floor, she begs…. she prays to god for more time with her child…. defeated and tired, her aching heart, heavy.

Several mothers are settled on the maternity ward, cooing and gazing adoringly at their newborns. Staring into their face, drinking in the scent of their skin, kissing them, holding their babe close to chest. Staring at their new face… absorbing all the features, lines, wrinkles. Bonding with emotional attachments. Memorising every tiny detail of them.

One mother sits in the waiting room, she is sombre in silence. Her arms are barren, and she is waiting for her taxi, so she can go home. She looks at the stand with cards clothes, balloons and gifts of all types at the peripheral of her clouded vision. Her head silently weeps at the plethora of colours, pale blue, dusky pink, cream. Her heart slowly bleeds, her face is frozen, the cloak of grief engulfs her as she sits in silence, clutching a pink card, inside is a picture of her deceased daughter. She was granted two full days with her child, before she was taken away…. to heaven.

Childbirth is no easy task, the pains of labour bring the rewards of a new life, a bundle of joy. A new beginning. Where two become three and baby makes a family. The light at the end of the tunnel, the prize or accomplishment after hours and hours of painstaking agony, that disapears as fast as it came about.

Being a mother is the most honourable task bequeathed to us women. A responsibility that should be given serious thought, not something flippantly conceived from a one night stand, or as an act of blackmail, to force a relationship committment!
Taking responsibility for something so perfect…. beautiful…. innocent… vulnerable…. dependant…. helpless and a treasure to embrace. Giving unconditional love for all children we bring onto this planet, prepares them for a life of adventure, excitement and discovery through play and social interaction safe in the knowledge their mother and father is close by.

A solid foundation for any child prepares them for stability, enabling their full expression of themselves to be seen and experienced. The relationship between a mother and child, is a powerful bond that forms the identity of the childs impressions and preferences for their choice of companion in later life.

Being a mother isn’t easy and children don’t arrive with a maunal or reference kit to understand them. Its innate, biological and thrives by the ears in the heart.

As children are all born perfect. Although the journey into this world may contribute to many different defaults and disabilities in later life. Giving birth is not straight forward, complications can arise and brain injury is the outcome, giving rise to plethora of different disabilities and genetic disorders. As the saying often quotes ‘we all have our cross to bear’ it’s rare to meet someone these days that doesn’t have a disability or dysfunction of some type. We are perfectly imperfect from birth!

Then there is the risks and dangers of childhood! We watch over our children as they play, we worry as they begin to access danger, water, corrosive substances, glass and the fear of broken glass…etc. We become overprotective and this can sometimes cause more damage than good. Then there are the risks of playing in nature, eating poisonous plants or any other envionmental risks. All these things can contribute to a child’s health and wellbeing. Disability isnt always identifiable from birth, some disabilities are from an environmental hazard, a car accident or a fall from off a playground apparatus. Others are accumulated through life, one glass of wine can have a detrimental effect on the long term health of the body! Sugar can be just as damaging as illegal drugs!

Children are a joy, a delight to the eyes, a bond that stretches out over the life span of the child. Children are vulnerable, innocent and niave, they need strong parents to ensure they develop in a healthy manner. Treasure your children, love them with all your heart and soul, they don’t stay small for long, and time flies by, when they reach maturity and flee the nest.

Being a mother isnt easy, it takes courage, persistsnce, love, compassion and tenderness. Nobidy is expecting you to be supermum, or wonder woman. Doing your best, doing what is right and giving all you can is imperative to a successful bonding relationship between mother and child. Instill integrity into your parenting, this way you’ll be giving your child the best start to life.

Teach them well and set them free! Children are not personal possessions, they are not commodities to be used as pawns in the game of winner takes all!

Children are human’s needing the human touch.



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