The Law of Three and Trauma!

The Law of Three and Trauma!

Attachment, Aversion and Ignorance. These three concepts underly all of our emotional actions and interactions, which are more easily observed through the concepts of- Freeze, Fight or flight!

When anxiety strikes, either one of the three will be evident.

The biology of trauma is explained via neuro-peptides that help to create the pathways for the habits to form in the brain. This is what impacts on the immune system, underneath conscious awareness!

Once, is an experience, twice is a mistake and three times is a habit!

The hind brain, combined with the limbic system of Fight, Flight or Freeze is the bodies response to danger.
Fight response; the hind brain then goes into instinctual action during aggressive outbursts, the irrational, primal, hunting instinct. Adrenaline -thus, the explosive rage.
Flight; you repress the experience and sensation and your body reacts anyway, the chemicals still flood the body and now your sub-conscious brain has recognised the signal and responded with a flood of cortisol. Anxiety kicks in!
Freeze; you stand in shock. When the same event happens again, the body recognises the pattern – neurologically, hence the peptides. Which attaches to emotion. – Re-enforcing the event, into the sub conscious!

This is what’s happening underneath the emotional surface. Either one of the three concepts are executed, often, without conscious awareness? The reaction is rooted in an early trauma sometime during childhood.

Trauma is a three way interaction. First it causes a wound, second the wound is challenged and healed or repressed and neglected for another time! Third is the reaction or effect of the wound. Modern medicine treats the effect, not the cause!

1 – cause is a physical event
2 – is the psychological glue that binds the two
3 – the emotional expression is seen!

In moments of strong attachment, we freeze.
In moments of strong aversion, we fly into a rage.
In moments of ignorance, we all repress and deny the truth. Turn the other cheek. Preferring to deny what’s happening and take flight – literally and consciously!

We always have a choice, even if we can’t physically see it! 

Attachment – whether the attachment is physical, emotional, psychological or material! Attachment is the glue that forms bonds between two opposite concepts.

Ignorance – Denial and self absorption. Self obsessed, low intellect/consciousness. Indifferent to traumatic events.

Aversion – Anger and greed burst forth, like the rapid speed of a panic attack, consuming the individual to react, or retract.

Example: a man has a minor car accident and suffers terror nightmares. He gets more anxious, stressed and agitated over time. The slightest thing could make him erupt because of the anxiety he is crippled with, since this event? Therefore, to relieve his internal pain, he either a) ignores what’s happening b)fights it and reacts or c) freezes!

A – ignores it, shakes it off and pretends to himself it didnt happen, takes mental flight and runs away from facing any consequences. Cognitive dissonance! Mentally, his mind races and either rages against him or with him.
B – he loses control of himself, through the power of the emotional trigger and the aversion will rev up and magnify the outcome. He lashes out either verbally or physically
C – attaches to the pain.. becoming a normal feature in the persons life – Attached and Repressed! He may attach to the label so much that it becomes his Identity.

Just as a broken bone, needs rest and rehabilitation, so too does the mind and psyche, need rest and rehabilitation, to return to optimal functioning. The law of three’s goes deeper than a simple interaction. The law of three are the basic components of e-motion in action and the elements integral to social interaction.

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