Sacred Geometry and Modern Science

Geometry is evident in all living species and while the modern, academic approach to the study of geometry sees it as the very embodiment of rationalism and left brain, intellectual processes, it has neglected the right brain, intuitive, artistic dimension of the subject. Sacred geometry seeks to unite and synthesize these two dynamic and complementary aspects of geometry into an integrated whole.

Everything has a pattern, and that pattern is the key to creating a specific effect.

The name sacred geometry carry’s an undertone of a secret spiritual knowledge, which is held and used by different traditions around the world, with good reason. Throughout human history, great spiritual traditions have gathered and cultivated private knowledge of the core patterns of creation. Sacred geometry is often associated with sacred architecture, the classical work of master architects and temple builders; however, this is only the most visible aspect of this knowledge. The deeper hidden aspects of sacred geometry apply this knowledge to areas ranging from healing sciences to spiritual initiation.

Robert Lawlor addresses this fundamentally dualistic nature of geometry in his essential work: Sacred Geometry – Philosophy and Practice (1982),

Geometry as a contemplative practice is personified by an elegant and refined woman, in geometry she functions as an intuitive, synthesizing, creative yet exact activity of mind associated with the feminine principle. But when these geometric laws come to be applied in the technology of daily life they are represented by the rational, masculine principle: contemplative geometry is transformed into practical geometry.

By geometry we curiously trace nature through her various windings of lands and mountains to her most concealed recesses of caves and ravines; by sacred geometry, we discover how the planets move in their respective orbits and demonstrate their various revolutions.

The great Christian theologian St. Augustine, who held both Pythagoras and Plato in high regard, grasped the significance of geometric form, pattern and proportion, and their representation through numerical symbolism, when he stated: “Numbers are the thoughts of God.” Number 9 is the totality of all numbers!

Galileo clearly understood this geometrical/numerical dimension of reality when he said: “Mathematics is the alphabet with which God has written the universe.”

Johannes Kepler said: ’Geometry existed before the creation. It is co-eternal with the mind of God…Geometry provided God with a model for the Creation.’

Through a simple act of geometric construction using these two tools two lines could be drawn that intersect at an angle of 90 degrees. The same act of geometry can yield an intersection forming an angle of 60 degrees.  These two angles lie at the base of the two great systems of Masonic geometry, Ad Quadratum and Ad Triangulum, that is ‘of the square’ and ‘of the triangle’, respectively, and, through their marriage emerges an infinity of form.



Some spiritual teachings have mentioned that the physical world represents the cube, the non-physical world represents the triangle. When you apply geometry and numerology, you can clearly see how the triangle, with three sides of equal 60 degrees equates to 9 (60 + 60 + 60 = 180). 1+8=9. The square has four sides of 45 degrees 4+5=9!

All science rests upon mathematics, and mathematics is first and last, geometry, whether we call its extension ‘trigonometry’ or ‘differential calculus’ or any other name.

Sacred Geometry both conceals and reveals itself throughout the kingdoms of Nature, Art, Architecture and Life. Just as letters and words are the pre requisites for casting spells, so too does geometry create form!

How can we find meaning?

From the initial act of putting pencil or compass point to paper, each act of geometry is charged with meaning. The process of producing the forms, patterns and symbols of Sacred Geometry should be undertaken as a ritual act, where each line, curve, shape, gesture or operation takes on a significance far beyond the mere act itself, and reveals fundamental processes of creativity on a vast scale and range of phenomenon, from the geometry of atomic and molecular organization, through the forms and patterns of biological systems, to the scale of the cosmos itself and the very structure of Space and Time.  The emergence of the Universe from the unknowable and unfathomable void, before the very existence of Time and Space, was an act of Geometry.  It is nothing less than this ultimate act of Creation which is replicated through the placing of pencil upon paper and from this point the drawing of a line or arc.  From these simple operations, the Geometrician soon learns to generate an infinite variety of form and pattern, and is, thereby, following in the footsteps of Nature herself!

By understanding the complete pattern, or structure, of a natural process can we responsibly seek to use or modify that process. From this perspective, sacred geometry becomes an essential foundation for creating a more balanced future, in the same way that the new biology and new cosmology are evolving the paradigm in their respective fields.


From a holistic perspective, what we call sacred geometry is in fact humanity’s legacy of pattern knowledge from all our ancestors. At every scale of existence, from the subatomic to the galactic, the same key patterns bring all things into existence. A historical fact that many of these same patterns (including shapes, forms, proportions, and rhythms) have been well known for centuries, but within a much more holistic context than today.

They are part of nature’s toolbox for effective change and for expressing itself.

To give several simple examples; Nature uses the circle and the sphere as the primal container for energy and consciousness; it uses the vortex form to circulate and transmit energy and consciousness from one location to another; it uses the five perfect divisions of the sphere (popularly called the Platonic Solids) as the basis for diverse forms of matter.

Modern life is marked by our mastery of the physical world. This mastery can take a beneficial form in harmony with nature, or commonly, it becomes a destructive force exploiting nature without consideration of long- term dangers. Fundamental life-support systems such as the oceans and the atmosphere are quickly eroding. The stark truth is that our world is being shaped by a modern science that manipulates life’s natural patterns while often lacking the contextual understanding to do so responsibly. Our disjointed exploitation of natural structures and patterns has created a crisis, so can a new holistic science based on natural patterns help to resolve it.

The importance and potential of this pattern knowledge is only dimly perceived by science today, due to modern science’s dismissal of any metaphysical holistic connections among phenomena.

In sacred geometry, the artificial split between physics and metaphysics can be healed, and the foundations for a new healing science of the future can be established.


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