The Union of the Snake – Ouroborous!

Ancient alchemists used the Ouroboros symbol as a representation of the element of mercury, which is known to run through any kind of matter. In the Middle East, the god Mithra who was believed to be reborn was sometimes depicted with an Ouroboros around his waist or encircling his whole body.

In ancient India, the Ouroboros symbol was used to depict an animal halo often in the form of a snake or lizard god or goddess. Shiva, who represents the duality of creation and destruction and thus the birth of life through opposites, is often represented within a circle. The circle is a symbol of the circular nature of the universe and time: death-rebirth, creation-destruction, love-hate, spring-winter; the eternal dance of the cosmos.

The circle represents duality within the whole!


In ancient China, it was believed that the Universe was created by the union of the two opposites, the Earth and the Heaven. As two powerful realms, the Earth and the Heaven united to deliver the creation of the universe.

In Norse mythology, the Ouroboros appears as the serpent Jörmungandr, one of the three children of Loki and Angrboda, which grew so large that it could encircle the world and grasp its tail in its teeth.

Super natural beliefs aside, what is the ouroboros!

The ouroboros is the whole, the snake bites its own tail to indicate completion, the totality of all that is. The circle, or sphere is 360 degrees and the ouroboros is a reminder to the totality of the sphere. Within the Sphere, is experience, duality and the split between good and bad, pain and pleasure. By uniting the two fields of opposing opposites, the two become one whole. The ouroboros becomes the final symbol indicating wholeness and completion of the self, mastering the fickle demands of duality, polarity and gender separation.

So spiritually, the ouroboros resembles the totality of experience. The whole! Good/bad, left/right, up/down, inside/outside, above/below etc.

Psychologically, the ouroboros resembles all of the person, shadow and light, good and evil, the aspects that make the whole person. Encompassing the shadow and persona, the anima and animus or feminine and masculine components, with the ego and the soul.

The ouroboros when looked at from the symbolic perspective.
The nine is the last root number, the nine is the total of all sums, and the vortex of 3,6,9 sequence and vibration. The sequence is the key! The circle, when viewed as a numerical value, equals to the number 0? The beginning and the end, the goal of all that is.

3 is the number of woman – ying, 6 is the number of man yang, 9 is the merging of the two, forming a whole. The ouroboros snake, encircles the whole! Meaning, the person has achieved self actualisation, or enlightenment!

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