Psychology of the Soul

When we have understanding of our inner world of desires and fears it provides an intuitive opening, even without words, to the ties that exist between ourselves and others.

The outer world controls the inner world. By controlling the thoughts that you think and the way you respond to events in your life, you begin to control YOUR destiny.

Between the wilderness of the inner world and the demands of the outer world, the bridge is the connecting feature. The seat of the soul is where the inner and outer meet. The pineal gland is the seat of the soul and the spark of god that each individual possesses, this gland is the main gland that directs all others in the body, it also acts as the arc of the covenant between the brain stem and the super consciousness realm.

To understand the psyche and duality you need to separate the concept and look at its equal opposite. Often when you look in terms of opposites, you notice it’s polar effect, thus, light and dark, good vs evil etc. When you analyse psychological components of personality, you see and understand the intricate levels of psychological development. A complex or phobia has its roots cause, in the psychological early development of the person. By applying the hermetic laws to psychological components, the psyche is easier to understand and offers valuable insights into the nature, or the true reality of your experience, offering true realisation or clarity to the lesson. Duality cannot exist, without its equal and opposing force from its opposite concept. The flame of the duality burns to offer the psyche to experience its positive, or negative effect, depending on the mindset and temperament of the individual. Through free choice, the person chooses to either experience the lesson positively or negatively and learns to understand the message of the experience to resolve the inner conflict and heal.

It can be difficult to understand psychological concepts and how they affect the human personality, the persona, shadow, anima and animus energies. An alternative perception or perspective to look more closely at these two powerful energies, is to view the brain as two separate genders, thus, left meaning feminine traits and the feminine as the endocrine system, which impacts emotions and feelings, (magnetic – to receive) and the masculine in the right hemisphere as the mental or rational which impacts thoughts and actions (electrical – to transmit). Our male “electron” is positively charged which interacts with the female “proton” which is negatively charged. These two forces together create the ranges of electromagnetism we experience on the planet.

The magnetic and energetic unification of the two gender poles allow for polarity integration. The unity between two opposing forces can then more easily heal and unify the love and fear polarities. This is how to fully integrate the levels of mental-emotional polarity humans have experienced for many time cycles.

The two energies represent the two hemispheres of duality, with polarisation, they unite the psyche into a whole unified being.

The psychological components of the brain are more easily understood if we explain how they interact with human behaviour. [The endocrine system is our glandular system which is responsible for secreting hormones into our blood stream to normalize certain bodily functions. Everything within the body’s system of metabolic regulation is due to hormonal production from our glandular system]. Thyroid disorders, diabetes and other glandular disorders which affect energy output and biological drives.

Hormonal or chemical disruptions in the body can create intermittent or chronic extremes of mental and/or emotional detachment. Ranging from neurosis to psychosis.

The brain and the mind are two different qualities we all possess. The brain, is the ego mind (conscious mind), the mind is the greater, expanded consciousness, (Unconscious and sub conscious) The bigger picture, or the whole experience. For example, to observe something, we have to use our senses to understand what the object is and how to relate to it. Our senses, including the sixth sense of intuition, is recorded with the mind (not the ego!). Our ego on the other hand, records anything that impacts from the psyche, all emotional and sentimental memories, all traumas and fears, all the dysfunctions, including all the shadow behaviours and traits we try so hard to deny, repress or refuse to acknowledge, preferring to project this out, onto another person. Our ego is in control when we don’t have any relationship with the mind. Our ego is the primal aspect of the brain, receiving or taking action from the hind brain that controls fear conditioning.

The third unified field between the consciousness and unconsciousness, is super consciousness, the heart is the leading facilitator of the two intelligences, which trains the person to understand and navigate it’s way out of the conditioning. By uniting the left and right hemisphere, is blending the two energies, creating a third field of consciousness. An enlightened state that allows unlimited perspectives to one situation. An epiphany as such!

The hemispheres can be viewed as the psychological aspects of the human personality, the pineal gland and the four ventricles are the mainframe of this reality. This endocrine system includes the four ventricles, which are fluid filled channels to the brain and brain stem, which allow sensory data to be recorded and stored, the ventricles are also important for transmitting the impulses of neuron data from one area of the brain, to organs and plexuses in the body. Fear is then recognised in the stomach or chest area, as a response to the chemical reaction transmitted in the endocrine system. The first ventricle is in the left hemisphere, the second ventricle in the right hemisphere, inside the mid brain and the limbic system, and forms the mainframe of the brains emotional centre. The third ventricle is incorporated in the pineal gland, (which sits in the roof of the third ventricle) the fourth ventricle in the spinal column, positioned between the throat or mouth and the brain stem. This ventricle instructs the organs to react to flight or fight. The fourth ventricle also passes information from the body, to the mind! The fourth ventricle is also significant with PTSD and incorporates the vagus nerve! Thus, the environment informs the mind, via sensory stimulus or data.

The five senses that make up reality is complimented and completed with a sixth, fully activated intuitive sense, or instinct. These six senses are the teaching and learning centres for the human experience. We learn to see, hear, taste, touch, smell and feel. Once we have all six senses functioning together, we begin the journey within. The travels to the inner world where discoveries of magic and enchantment, for the soul and psyche exist.

The anima which is unconsciously dominant in men, (what men have to learn to embrace, accept and nurture), the animus is the females dominant unconscious feature, (authority, assertiveness and power). The two different sexes both have opposite challenges, the male must learn to embrace and nurture his own anima, as too, must the woman learn to face her fears of authority and embrace her own assertiveness and inner power. This is what is occurring beneath all relationships, the person is being given an opportunity to learn some aspect of them-self that was unconscious, or repressed. The world is a playground of duality experiences that is designed for self discovery and self realisation, when you know how to play in duality, the pitfalls fall away and you become the absorber and observer of life.

Learning to discover your anima/animus, shadow and persona, you begin to discover the intuition you buried so long ago. The four aspects of the human psyche (shadow, persona, anima/animus and God self) are unified, enabling self realisation and higher consciousness.

However; Psychological relationships have their pitfalls!

When inner realities are not recognized or owned, they appear in the outside world through projection. Thus, if a man’s anima is lonely and desperate for attention, he will tend to fall in love with dependent women who demands his time and energy. The man with a mother-bound anima will choose a woman who wants to take care of him. The man not living up to his potential will be attracted to women who goad him on and make more of him than he would otherwise be. In other words, whatever qualities a man does not recognize or develop within himself, will confront him in real life.

This is how the universal laws of opposites attract, and like attracts like are embedded in reality consciousness!

Women who deny their animus, develop their personality with a deep belief that they must depend and rely on a man to take care of them. This is a dangerous animus projection and leads the woman down a path of submission, subservience and at the mercy of mans control. The animus that is alive and healthy in a woman can be observed by their ability to take assertive action and defend their beliefs. The damaged animus in women tends to be attracted to a damaged anima in man. Thus, a woman who experienced a violent or absent father with subsequently seek or attract an unavailable or violent man, if she carries a deep belief about any trauma she experienced as a child. This shadow Union acts as her guide to her unconscious. The two opposites are entwined by dysfunctional bonds, traumatically bonded through damaged early anima and animus development.

Jung pointed out that the problem of admiring or worshiping the anima in a collective sense, as in goddess worship, or adoring a celebrity, is because she loses her individual aspects as soon as she is shared. The collective consciousness of the anima has been abused for centuries. Prostitution, sexually provocative behaviours, domestic slavery, ego manipulation, the damage to Mother Earth herself from the endless wars and battles that pollute her, is the biggest collective anima abuse against humanity on the whole.

A man’s anima is meant to be his and his alone; once she is projected into the world rather than integrated into his very being, a man becomes either a victim of his erotic fantasies or compulsively dependent on one actual woman. His fantasies consume him. (Obsession, stalking and other controlling behaviours materialise)

The anima serves the man by working as his guide to the unconscious. Like the animus in a woman, the anima also becomes the mediator of the religious experience where life acquires new meaning and substance.

Without anima development, a man finally arrives at a place in his life where he realises his life is without meaning. This is an indication that he has some work to do with his anima. The man who does recall his anima projections and becomes to himself what he longs to find outside himself will discover that his suffering is worthwhile, for it makes him a deeper, more vibrantly alive, and creative human being.

The transparency of how thoughts become reality are evident amongst society today, by looking at the psychology of humans and then applying the same to collective beliefs and habits which form the behaviours, we can see the disproportionate difference between equality and liberty. The exponential growth of violence in society, rape, murder, including domestic violence, which now affects one woman in three and one man in ten! This fact serves to exemplify the dysfunctional development of damaged anima/animus that breeds unconsciously and is rampant is society today!

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