Goodnight my love

Poetry corner ….

Those were the days.
When eternity lived in your smile.
The warmth of your arms.
Made my life so worthwhile.
Your wisdom, washed away.
My insecurities, my fears.
Your kind gentle hand
Brushed away my tears.

You lived with such great pain.
And now, you are free.
Cross over the borderline.
Step into eternity.
Fly with the angels.
Laugh with the sun.
Sparkle with the stars.
Your sanctuary has begun.

Shine your light down on me.
Inspire my life.
Stand strong in the shadows beside me.
Through times of strife.
And with each rainy day.
That befalls my path.
Wash away the pain.
Help me find my faith again.

Sparkle your star at night
Down on me from above
Fly free with the birds
To our fathers heaven of love.

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