The Four pillars of the consciousness

The four different aspect of consciousness can be explained by analysing the conscious, unconscious, sub consciousness and collective unconscious levels that are integral in each individual, yet many ask, how? Consciousness is how we make sense of reality and shape our perceptions on previous learnt knowledge and experiences. From birth to age 12, the mind is like a sponge and absorbs everything from the environment, storing all sensory stimulus and organising the stimulus into good or bad memories and experiences, compartmentalising them into fear and love (duality). These memories are stored and reacted upon, when good memories are recalled and retrieved, good feelings arise, when trauma or awful memories are triggered, (the bad memories that were buried, repressed or denied, are stored into the unconscious mind), a reaction is ignitied when the trauma is exhumed, exposed, and unhealed. Bad feelings, or uncomfortable pain is experienced until the individual neutralises the charge.

Pillar one; The Unconscious Mind. In this hard drive is the cellular memory storage from all of one’s life streams. This means that cellular memories from past lives, present lives and future lives may all be stored in this memory hard drive. The unconscious mind is directly related to the first chakra at the base of the spine and is connected to the autonomic nervous system. The unconscious pillar, or level incorporates four main traumas that affect the wellbeing of the person.

Those four main areas are: Abuse, Trauma, Shock and Devastation.

Since this 1D unconscious mind, controls our autonomic nervous system and autonomic bodily functions, unhealed memory trauma in these four main areas creates many kinds of physical symptoms and disease.

It is the memory bank and file of thoughts, feelings, memories, imagination, habits, pattern, impulses, desires, and instincts. It operates the physical body’s involuntary and autonomic type of reactions by impulse sent to the nervous system and brain. This is often referred to as the reptilian brain, relating to the era of cave men. Fight, flight and freeze, sometimes referred to as the reptilian/primal brain.

Pillar two; The Sub conscious mind energy centre operates with the sacral chakra, which is an opening to your lower emotional body. It operates as the instinctual body and contains the aberrant emotions in the pain body, which form into the lower emotional body. (The higher emotional body is really in our fourth chakra or heart centre, and until we open our heart to the force of love, we do not know what love really is), it holds the first layers of the integration of poles of opposite in the masculine/feminine energies, but it’s connected to all of our relationships. Our relationships of mother/father, brother/sister, friend/family, social/work, you name it, every relationship is recorded or has had some impact in influence to this energy centre

The second chakra contains the instinctual level of our body function. It is the seat of addiction, when the pain body is not addressed and emotional conflicts have taken over. There are a lot of addictive possibilities that can exist in there, if emotions are not properly addressed and expressed. The subconscious and instinctual body work together which can increase the addictive tendencies for people that have those particular emotional problems.

When the emotional body and loving heart is left unhealed, the higher energy centres shut down blocking life force circulation and we become a slave to our lower instinctual bodies and attract parasites. Thus imbalances of distortions will result, such as diseases, phobias, OCD, psychopathy, sexual perversions, and addiction to the material world, objects and other people. This is because of the energetic vampirism required to soothe the inner anxiety and the energy required to continually manifest the person’s “reality bubble” will manifest repeated addiction patterns. This is sometimes regarded as the mammalian/emotional brain.

Pillar Three; The solar plexus, this is the home of the Conscious mind, which is also co-incidentally the second brain! (Gut instinct) The function of our conscious mind is stationed at the broadcast of the solar plexus, which is known as the third dimension. To connect with our soul, we have to open our heart centre and be willing to allow feelings, and emotions in their discomfort and joys. If we block emotions, we shut down our heart and shut down our soul communication, which is when the heart, emotions and spiritual qualities are ignored, the body’s energies atrophy and decay, the feminine energy centre (higher heart) is shut down, the body begins to build up decay or disease, this decay manifests as yeast, candida, fungus, mold and related microorganism imbalances. Once yeast is rooted in the digestive systems, parasites and worms take hold through the digestive organs and may pass through into the blood stream. Once an infection has infiltrated the blood and gone systemic, serious disease patterns will generally be “diagnosed” and given clinical names.

Our solar plexus is our reasoning mind. It is our ego mind. It is the logical and rational facility of the mind matrix. The mental body is a structured body, it has a lot of grids and forms in there and it contains the structure of our thought forms, beliefs and ideas. The neo cortex and the mental, rational brain, which also includes the two hemispheres of left and right, or masculine/feminine, positive and negative balance.

The heart chakra is connected to the astral and intuitional body. This is where we start hitting the soul level of our body.

It is interesting to note that the dimension of souls in the parallel or in the simultaneous time universes, would be the fourth, fifth and sixth dimension, all three second tier chakras.

When we start getting into the heart, this is your first layer of your soul body. It is the first of the spiritual self’s body. The heart is obviously really one of the most important bodies because it serves balance point between the personality, the physical self and the other bodies (astral, etheric etc). It’s the vehicle for contact with the super conscious mind and brings the insights and understandings to our human level of perception.
When we start working with the fourth dimension and astral body we start moving into the soul matrix. This is defined as the Dark night of the Soul, as this layer when awakening can bring a lot of emotional pain to the surface to be cleared out of the newly awakened.

The fourth Pillar, then takes the initiate further alongside the road less travelled, the initiate begins to navigate their reality from a higher conscious awareness and begins the journey to the self within.

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