The journey of the soul –

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The soul is the spark of love that we are born into. Pure, perfect, innocent and whole. Fully dependent on the mother for nurture and the father for nature. The soul accumulates many experiences and lessons during the lifetime. All the experiences help the soul to grow and develop, increasing compassion, consciousness and divine love.

Good and evil live together, both experiences are the same. Both teach valuable lessons, some may be uplifting, others may be catastrophic! Either choice that is made, will bring a result congruent with your inner values and ideals. Duality is fickle, because to escape the madness, chaos and drama, you have to embrace and accept all your flaws and ugly aspects, as much as you love the best aspects of yourself. You can only feed one master in duality!

The soul goes through different stages- by actively working on your own problems, or past karma, you learn to value your souls journey and become a conscious aspect in the development and growth of your own God self.

By raising your own consciousness, you inevitably raise your game.

The journey assimilates through 11 stages, during the journey, you will be pushed out of your ego, and into your true essence.

Stage one; the body begins to feel sensations that are strange, unfamiliar and possibly frightening. This is the first stage of assimilating the ego, emotional upheaval, increase in colds and flu like symptoms. Joint aches, feeling heightened anxiety, changes are occurring in the chemical in the brain. Physical spins in chakra’s.

Stage two; emotional upheaval, feeling heightened anxiety, changes are occurring in the chemical in the brain. The emotional, physical and spiritual bodies all re-align.

Stage three; the release of karma. The solar plexus resembles everything about the self, including inner child wounds and traumas that need to be cleared. Physical senses are getting stronger. Expansion and contraction is experienced, as duality is assimilated.

Stage four; headaches and palpitations in the heart chakra. Extra sensory perception is heightened, vision and hearing is being re-aligned to allow communication to the higher frequencies. Telepathy, clairvoyance and empathy are enhanced. The urge to follow the soul is strong.

Stage five; the mental body/ego steps back as your intuition steps forward to take leadership and direction. Dreams change and the 4th dimension is explored. Thoughts are non linear. At this stage, you may have one foot in knowing and the other in doubt. The pull of duality and overcoming them. De-programming and re-programming, the heart is now the judge and you may begin to slough off old paradigms of conditioning.

Stage six; mutual support and growth. At this stage you have probably lost a large part of your social circle, people no longer want to engage with you because they are unable to manipulate or get their ‘hooks – projections into you.’ You begin to feel freer, and begin re-evaluating everything. You question why you are here, what is real. Your extra sensory perceptions open up, or enhance.

Stage seven; heart chakra’s pains, release blocks fears and patterns. All emotional baggage is released. You feel more alive, more present in each moment. You flow with life and lose emotional attachments. Fear is released and the body is realigned.

At this stage, you will be considering changing your diet, or have given up meat, sugar and alcohol, as these substances affect your subtle bodies.

Stage eight; this stage opens Chakra nine and ten, simultaneously. At this level, the eight chakra is aligned with the sixth chakra, the arc of the covenant is formed. The right side of the brain is activated. The pineal gland and pituitary gland work in unity, the bridge that is formed from six to eight chakra acts as a decoding mechanism to allow the fluid communication and the connection to super consciousness.

At this stage, we see the master, the source of all that is.

Stage nine; decoding geometry. Sacred geometric forms become the new language that you are able to understand. You feel interconnected to all interdimesnionally and introspectively. Thoughts are now geometric forms and tones, as you begin to learn the new vibrations, you become more authentic, heightened sensitivity and awareness, an air of serenity surrounds and fills you. 3rd dimension is released as you realise all is illusion. Survival fears leave and you disconnect from conscious reality, thus, the games in life no longer hook you and suck you in. You are filled with purpose and direction, to serve soul, source.

Stage ten; all chakra’s are unified. The arrival of I AM, the 12 strands of DNA is activated and at one with source. The upper and lower chakra’s have been balanced and assimilated, creating the merkaba, the lightship that enables the soul and spirit  to leave their body and reality, and travel instantaneously. The merkaba has its own consciousness which is controlled by only YOU. Out of body experiences, interdimesnionally travelling and teleportation is achieved.

Stage eleven; all chakra’s have been constructed and are now working interconnectedly to the physical body. Accupuncture meridian points are activated, creating a light grid body, time is simultanous. A full vision of heaven on earth is realised.

At this stage, many go on to create new light based technologies or teaching a new path.

The body, with its fully activated light field, emits a beautiful spiralling patterns in the light grid, emitting out. Visible by those who have the single eye, or psychic skills to see it.

12 is completion. Self actualised. Walk the talk and build the new!


New book coming soon, detailing the different levels and of reality, the seven hermatic laws and chakra, the power of  four and the souls purpose.

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