The Game!

Dorothy goes on a journey, she finds herself in a strange land. The inhabitants are fat, orange and keep singing or squawking and Dorothy wants to go home. She’s scared.

Her journey to Oz has started badly, Dorothy has murdered the wicked witch of the east. The evidence is under the shed.
But wait, Dorothy isn’t taken to a court or sent to rehabilitation for the crime against the witch? No.
The good witch rewards Dorothy and gives her some shiny new shoes, which will answer all her problems. (Materialism and cognitive dissonance!) tut tut!
(Oh the good witch her gave the shoes. So it’s alright if the good witch said so!)
Besides…Every girl loves a new pair of shoes!

However, back in oz…The wicked witch is seething. She’s gone green with fury… she demands Dorothy hand her sisters shoes back. Their a family heirloom you see. She’s not happy. (She’s so impatient. She didn’t want to wait for probate!)

Dorothy stayed strong in her faith. The good witch said she would…. Dorothy is obedient and does as she is told, and refused to hand over her shoes. Dorothy said NO.

Bad move, now Dorothy has to go on an adventure to get home. She’s alone, except for her faithful toto!
Dorothy follows a Yellow path.

First she meets the scarecrow, he’s a nice man, but clueless, she learns she needs intelligence to continue. (Consciousness) forebrain!
Then she meets tin man, hollow and empty and realises, love and compassion. (Empathy) emotional Limbic centre, midbrain!
Then she meets the loin, who is a coward and finds courage. (Strength) hindbrain – fight flight or freeze.

Courage, compassion and conscience all work together.

She skips along happily in her quest to find the man….
Recap…What! In her quest to find THE man!!!!
(Why has it always got to be a bloody man. Can they not think of something different and original for a change, like a key or an odd sock! Cos that’s what we all spend most our time searching for) the man will save her and help her get home. (Co-dependency). Talk about putting pressure on men!

If it’s always got to be the man who has the lead, then it was obviously  written by one, promoted by several and believed by mass hypnosis and hysteria!

Dorothy is hypnotised by the poppy field and falls asleep. TV, wifi and social media has the same effect on the people today! (Distraction)

She finds The wizard, (patriarchy) who hides behind the curtain and his voice booms around the room, he tells her she must conquer the wicked witch. (Overcome duality?)

She goes to the palace and throws water over the witch.
Double murder plot now! Still no police in sight! Instead she gets a standing ovation? (Mm, must be why they all have lenient sentences.)

She goes back to tell the wizard, and starts to question the wizard. Toto (inner being) runs ahead and pulls back the curtain which exposes the wizard as a fraud.

Good witch explains the journey, it’s all just a game, it’s all an illusion, a dream in a dream? and Dorothy realises she had the answer, all along.

Moral of the story.

Without mind, heart, body and soul working together, there can be no connecting between the soul and the journey in life.

Dorothy realises she could go home at anytime. But if she did go home, she wouldn’t of learnt about compassion or courage, she wouldn’t of realised her own mind, when working in unity with her inner being.

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