I think, I feel, I do, therefore I Am.

The id, is unconscious, constructed through childhood, it is totally selfish and gains gratification through demanding pursuits. The Id is the separation from everyone, it’s egotistical urges seek instant gratification. I want and I will get, are the drives of the id. This is the beast within. This is where your demons or shadows live. Your supremacy. We store all hurt, criticism, repression and impulsive desires here. It’s all about me! NARCISSISM!

The ego, is our consciousness. The social mask! It’s how we perceive reality through experiences. This is how we identify who we are. We store memories, thoughts, emotions and all other experiences and traumas in the ego and it sets up future life experiences, from past memories. It wants to be in control, it will justify, defend and honour all your actions and reactions. Defences and denials are also stored in the ego. It prefers to play directly with Id, enjoying the comforts and attainments that life and the outer world has to offer. The ego is the most manipulative, it can be easily mislead and plays numerous mind games with us. It’s power to is keep you to conformity. To obey the desires of the the Id and it will justify them for you. It is the rose tinted glasses we wear that colours our vision. It’s your perception that is created from your beliefs. Whether your beliefs are good or bad. It has several layers of conflicting ideas and values and is designed to stop you from looking past these. This forms the thought body, shapes our perception and gives life through action. PERSONA/SHADOW

The super ego. This is super consciousness, this is where we have an innate knowing of what is right and wrong in life. We know it’s wrong to harm another, empathy and compassion are the motivating forces of the super ego. This is our inner parent, morality and empathy are driving forces. Looking at and knowing of the consequences to our actions. Weighing up the pros and cons of a situation. It is in total opposition to the Id. It is conscientious. EMPATHY.

Our true identity is where the collective consciousness resides. Where we refer to our soul voice. Our connection to divinity, our connection to each other and the environment.

Four rooms and the story they reveal about you. – Your thoughts become your beliefs, your beliefs become your emotions, your emotions become your actions, your action becomes your life.

I think, mental room

Thought body – where we establish logic and reasoning. We are what we think, we create with our thoughts. Our thoughts are the root cause of everything we do, it’s followed by emotion and then action to bring about the experience. Beliefs, assumptions and expectations are all part of the thought process. What we believe about ourselves forms the basis for our well being. Our thoughts are either positive or negative, depending on the circumstance, environment and situation. Our thoughts create the life we live. Our thoughts are either forced on us, though family, educational or societal conditioning. Or they can be organically created by the sensory world that we live in, or by an experience that was either positive or negative, this thought changed your belief about yourself and your behaviour changed with it. Our thoughts help us to achieve things we want. Cognitive dissonance is where we have two conflicting thoughts and we are faced with a choice. Either choice has an impact on how our emotional body will respond.

I think, therefore I feel.

Emotional body – Emotions are attached to thoughts, by adding emotions to a particular event, we are likely to repeat the action. A positive experience releases feel good chemicals, when we fall in love, we feel a heady bliss, we feel connected and at one with ourselves and another. A positive feeling induces dopamine, and phenylanamine, the main ingredient in chocolate. A negative experience creates anxiety and fear. Anxiety is closely attached to the emotional body we inhabit. Our anxiety restricts our abilities and either holds us back, or previous traumas acquired earlier in life, adds to emotional distress. Our emotions are based in two distinct emotional, love and fear. These are both a chemical reactions from a previous emotional experience. Our emotions are triggered by chemicals in the brain. The pituitary gland is the main station that releases information to the body, by taking neurological instructions from the brain and releasing the correct chemical to flood the body with information, neurologically we release serotonin, dopamine and adrenaline, these hormones, or chemicals travel though the endocrine system via the blood stream to the body, these chemicals are automatic and innate responses to stimulation from the outside world.

The way you think about your emotions is known to cause an imbalance in serotonin and norepinephrine, when you feel negative or worry about something, it can be logical or emotional and this can be an effect of something. Norepinephrine is released during anxiety, it is released into the blood stream, into the heart, blood vessels and respiratory centres. Serotonin helps with perception and the pain pleasure aspect of our behaviours. It is released in response to running from a dangerous situation. Serotonin helps to lower the anxiety, stress response, where other chemicals trigger it.

The chemical reward for narcissism is dopamine. Dopamine gives us mental alertness, when we smell food, dopamine is released to increase the appetite. Addictions are created by the release of dopamine in the brain, the addiction for the narcissist, is attention.

I feel therefore I do.

Physical body – Actions created from thoughts and emotion instruct the brain to carry out your intention. Your thoughts and emotions are the driving force behind your motivations. This is where the inner world of thoughts and feelings is transferred to the outer world though actions and behaviours. When you look at something and want to explore what it will do, you engage your thought processing. Like waving your hand over a flame, your sensory stimuli will feel the heat, and your physical reaction will move your hand away. You then learn that heat burns. When your using your body to let off excess energy, like anger, you may engage in cardiovascular work out. When you feel sad, you may want to sit and watch soppy movies. When you feel happy, you want experience vigour and excitement. When you feel lust, your body responds through sex. When you feel anxious, the body expresses this through increased heartbeat, sweaty palms, nausea and disorientated. A reaction from an emotional trigger.

I do therefore I am.

Identity spirit/soul – how you see yourself, as a physical being or a spiritual being. Your identity shapes all your beliefs. If you believe your only a physical being. You will spend your entire life chasing material possessions. The material outer world is your identity and you need to acquire as much as you can to validate yourself. This is where you are working with your masculine energies.
If you believe you are a Spiritual being you will access your being from the inside of yourself, working on improving your flaws and faults, needing to develop yourself and grow. This is working with your feminine energies.

The unseen aspect of what and who we really are. The essence of you, your soul voice, your God spark. Your connection to all living things. Your intuition and your true heart resides in your identity. In today’s society, very few of us learn to access this aspect of ourselves, we’re so caught up in our heads, overloaded with sensory stimuli and our bodies flooded with chemicals from our outdated experiences. Trusting the voice of intuition can be a challenge. Our passion for life exists in our true identity, where we access the flow of the divine, inspiration, intuition and individuality.

The identity from a spiritual connection is the heart connection, psychic abilities exist here and doesn’t need the flooding of emotions or logic of the brain to understand. Our identity exists without the rush of chemicals from the brain. The identity or spirit knows the truth and cannot be fooled, deceived or mistaken, to follow the voice of your identity, your intuition, is to walk your own individual path, a higher love, that is unconditional, forgiving and connected to divinity.

Masculine energy and feminine energy are supposed to work together, they both can work in unison, but the dark forces in society doesn’t want this or for the feminine energy to have a voice, for equality and working together in harmony would usurp the narcissism that permeates our society. Someone has to be the winner!

We could live and breathe as equality of the sexes, equality of the nations, equality of the neighbourhoods. Every one would accept and respect each other. Everyone would be equal. Nobody would have superiority over another. Narcissism and the power freaks, needing adoration and worship, would evaporate the Echo, those who worship the narcissist emanate the echo of worship. Keeping the false god in some form of superiority would disintegrate into thin air. There would be no need for the lower class to idolise the upper class. For superior and inferior would cease to exist. Replaced by peace and equality.

Can you imagine a society like that!

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