How to apply Tesla’s theory to time using Fibonacci

The mathematical sequence of Fibonacci begins from the seed of creation. An easier concept to grasp is the creation of new life.

Fibonacci works adding the previous number to the next.

144 / 12 =12

The mathematical frequency continues multiplying itself 12 times this continues until the fractal or sequence reaches the number sequence 144. Which is the twelfth addition in the sequence.

And, the sequence is a double binary system. Meaning the Fibonacci code also follows another code essential for the development of cells and embryos. The numbers always double up on themselves.
1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256,

Every 6th number in the sequence, the numbers repeat themselves again.
16 – 1+6 = 7
32 3+2 = 5

64 = 10, 128 = 2, 256 = 3 etc
It’s foolproof!

At a single point of creation, Fibonacci code follows 12 mathematical equations. Imagine each single strand of DNA and the formation of the growing featus – at 12 weeks we know from scientific facts, that the featus has formed all organs.

Now for the maths.

A baby develops over the period of nine months but the pregnancy is split into three segments.

12 weeks and new life is formed, but another 6 months is necessary for growth.
1+2 =3

12 weeks gestation is equal to (72 days (7+2=9) is also, exactly half of the 144 Fibonacci code.

Twelve weeks – 1+2 = 3
72 days – 7+2 = 9

During the second trimester of gestation, the brain continues this amazing divine code, however, the featus is fully formed and all organs have been created. Or has it?
A Featus or unborn baby is unable to live outside uterus at this stage? At 12 weeks the baby is no bigger than an apple.
Therefore the second trimester is also a vital aspect of the featus development, this begins the emotional cycle or the midbrain, where the next cycle of 12 begins.

As the twelve strands of DNA have been formed during the first trimester, the twelve cranial nerves must follow during the second trimester of gestation.

Thus, after 24 weeks, the featus has transformed again, all the major organs have been created and are growing

24 weeks – 2+4= 6
144 days – 1+4+4=9

The unborn baby now has all organs and the 12 strands of DNA and 12 cranial nerves have been created, and coincidentally, the cycle has completed 144 days in gestation. The final trimester science asserts is to ensure the baby grows to full term, however after 24 weeks, premature birth and delivery is possible!

Now we have completed the Fibonacci sequence twice, Once for the primitive, hindbrain and the formation of the organs. Then in trimester two, the central nervous and mid brain system is built. However, a normal pregnancy is an average of nine months.

Full nine months = 273 days
273 days – 2+7+3 = 12
1+2= 3

Is 3 the number of life, 6 the number of man and 9 the number of god??

The final trimester must be the formation of sensory functioning. As they say that unborn babies can detect taste and have some sound in uterine, along with enabling the baby to grow to full term.

Full term = 9 months

Mm, we also have 12 strands of DNA, we only use 2 strands? Therefore, this indicates that 80% of our DNA, is unused and scientists have now discovered that this DNA is not actually junk!

Is it the sub conscious? The cellular memory? Spiritual Intelligence?

Now let’s take the final fractal code and add it together. 1+4+4= 9

Each strand of DNA has the total sum of 144. Multiply this 12 times because that’s the original blueprint for humans (12 DNA strands) and the total is 1728
1+7+2+8 = 18.

The sequence is repeated upon itself and every time the Fibonacci sequence reaches its 12 multiplication, it begins the cycle again. Magically, the 12 sequence of every Fibonacci number sequence is also divisible in every number up to 12.

Fibonacci aside, let’s look at another mathematician – Pythagoras.

In numerology Pythagorus equates all numerical and alphabetical figures into a single digit. 144 added together equals 9. The number of completion in the cycle before returning to 0 or 1. Binary or matrix code!

In relation to time.

60 second to a minute =6
60 minutes to an hour =6
24 hours a day =6

One day = 666
6+6+6 = 18
1+8 =9

144 is the sum total of six days.
1+4+4 = 9 and
144 divided by 6 = 24 hours
2+4 = 6
6 x 6 = 72 hours. 7+2 =9
the whole circle or cycle of time is completed

God created heaven and earth in 6 days, which also coincides with 144.

Seven days of the week = 168
1+6+8 = 15.
1+5 = 6

It takes 9 months for a human life to form and complete, meaning 9 is the number of completion/perfection. The alpha and omega, before returning back to the beginning to 0 or 1.

Number 9 is the final whole number. Let’s take the circle and apply teslas equations.

A circle is the exact circumference in
diameter of 360 degrees
3 + 6 = 9
Half of 360 is 180
Half of 180 is 90 – Or 4 quadrants.
However, The 9 returns again.

Split the circle into 12 divisible sections of 30 degrees each exactly and you have the sequence of 3, 6 and 9.

What a coincidence that the president of the USA also happens to be the 9th president!
He takes up the 45th position in history.
4+5 = 9

This power number 9 is the total number of completion. It coincides with the Fibonacci, Pythagoras and many other mathematical geniuses. The 12 sequence, divisible by 3 and when you turn the digit upside, you also have the 6. DUALITY!

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