Who is SHE


What does she represent to you?

Who is she…

She is is you!

She is your mirror image of your anima. Shown to everybody else as part of your story.

She is the object of your obsession and possession?

She is inside you!

She includes he!

Androdony! Equally balanced!….. Perfect!

The outer world reflects the inner world of emotions!

The marriage of two genders is the physical marriage. – Visible and seen
The marriage of the masculine and feminine is the emotional marriage! – Invisible and felt.

Is it unconditional! Or conditional?

On the other hand.

The human experience reveals so much.

What they are thinking about she!

She is standing beside him!

‘He can’t see’

Neither can she!

Perfect opposites, attracted by….
Unconscious lessons or blessings!

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