The cellular body – feeling your thoughts!

The cellular body is the blueprint or foundation for our existence. Our body is composed of 70% water, therefore this water is what carries imprinted messages within the body via the emotions and Into subconscious storage. The cells in our body are information codes, that are passed back and forth via the central nervous system. These cells could be hormone chemicals reacting to external stimuli or they could be neurons, carrying emotional data. (Neuropeptides)

What we feel is what we are in the cellular body. For example. If we feel sad, we express sadness or we will become apathetic or more reclusive. The cellular body is structured through the internal vibration of the thought, transmuting it into a feeling. If we feel anger, we are bubbling inside, we may start to pace back and forth to expend the energy that is felt through physical activity. Or we may sit and seethe, distracted from the surroundings because the internal commotion keeps us from thinking and feeling that we are in control. When we feel love or compassion, we feel a connection a uniting factor that enables the experience to be shared.

Emotions and experiences from childhood are stored in the mind. Our sensory experiences are recorded through our five senses, which accumulates all the sensory stimulation and records and stores all the sensory data into the memory hard drive. These experiences, especially emotional experiences that impacted on our development, remain in the memory hard drive and are reactive or reactionary, when probed.

Some sensory data is so deeply entrenched in either behaviour or reaction, that it restricts the person to crave or seek out obsession or addiction.

The cellular memory includes the whole of the body. Including the subconscious and the unconscious actions that are driven by thoughts and emotions. Our cellular body is controlled by our thought processes. Therefore if we think positive things, the cellular structures inside the body will Increase and enhance positivity. If we feel anger, the cellular body of water will be turbulent and this forces the person to adopt a fight flight reaction.

To quiet the overstimulated mind, mindfulness is a useful tool to help to reduce stress and increase positivity and productivity. It also helps the individual to take responsibility for their thoughts, accepting them as they are, or challenging the thoughts or beliefs, encouraging and increasing well being.

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