Earth, the abuse of the feminine principle

She is a living breathing sentient being…..

Her body has been abused for centuries by man, who came along to claim her, he took her soul….enslaved her in chains and made her an object, then used her trees, to create money, that was used to further enslave her!

The small seed of winter past, now births the new dawn. Man is still not content with her changing cycles of alternating natural beauty and unconditional love, she forgives her children for their cruel games played over her heart, only for her children to forget who she is and claim her as a possession, to sell!

Her body, bloodshed from the bitter lashes of man made wars. Her once complete form, fractured and splintered from mans brutality, shaming her weaknesses and vulnerable essence or persecuting her strengths? Here she lay, ravaged by the battles her children have left scars over her heart. Her glorious beauty now tarnished and barren from being held hostage, in hidden chains she sits in silence. Her glorious delights syphoned from her body, yet she continues to forgive, to love, to give, to show you her splendour and her beauty.

He claims parts of her for profit, draining her essential oils, drilling and pounding the density of her body, with his sheer force of will. He demands more and more from her. She can never be or give enough, to satisfy mans urge for domination over her.

She nurtures new life with the changing seasons. In darkness, the moonlight shades her in mystery and allure. In sunlight, she bathes in the warmth of the yellow rays, basking in the glow of love from the air around her. In the spring, she begins to sprout the new seeds of harvest, to feed and nourish her children, to keep them healthy and strong. In summer time, her body expresses her beauty and elegance, the sunlight gives life to her new creations, the blossoming of the flowers, blow gently in the cool summer breeze, the glorious skies of pure bliss. The autumn she changes again; her body goes through the cycle of regeneration and renewal. Her labour of her love is shed through the falling of the leaves. Stripped naked in her entirety, she lays bare for the cold and ice, to cover her and feed her hardened clay. Nourishing her roots and deeper recesses of earths mysteries. She drinks the water from the heavens, absorbing ice into her aching body. There, beneath the layers of ice and water, she rests, preparing for another year of changing cycles.

And in the cold mist of peace, she stands in her beauty and magnificence, patiently waiting as her children rouse from their slumber, to greet her in the dawning sunrise.

Her children have run over her body, fought battles, threw blades of fire into her soul. Her children walk away, leave her body exhumed and exposed, battered and charred. She bleeds in pain; her agonising cries can be heard in the midst of silence. She waits patiently for man to stop taking her natural gifts and destroying them for their own selfish needs.

Acceptance is how she pays for betrayal and abuse.

Her children have lost their love for her, instead they betray her. They claim her land without asking her if they could take it. They took her natural gifts of nature, and cut her beautiful trees that give oxygen and life to the children on her land. They took her gifts and changed their natural state, her trees were removed, chopped and brutalised to make her children create money. They told her she wasn’t good enough as she was, in her natural splendour. They bore holes into her body and bruised her gentle soul by raping her of her natural essence. Her children were ruthless in their conquest, they dug deeper, further hurting her fragility by taking her natural jewels and fossils and using them as weapons against her.

Her flowers that blossom she gives freely, to bless her children with her splendour is overlooked, blinded by the endless rows of concrete and metal that obscures her natural beauty. She is fed with silicone and poison, to further degenerate her delicate form.

She has been held captive, in chains since the dawn of man, brutalised by his belief that she belongs to him, a prisoner to man’s primitive desires of lust, want and greed. A prisoner to all who inhabit on her fertile land.

She is our EARTH MOTHER…………Let her be!

We must see what is hidden in order to heal it. The collective unconscious of the feminine is evident in society today. The levels of violence and abuse against women is growing at an exponential rate. This revelation is a huge step into our comprehension of how we have arrived at this global state of human disarray and planetary sickness. The consciousness of the planet depends on the combined efforts of humans to unite for a common cause. To empower ourselves we must see where the sickness or the infection exists. If we cannot see any sickness, or chaos that so often ensues, we cannot prevent it. This is imperative to the beginning of a massively expanding possibility towards healing the human race. This healing is everybody’s individual responsibility, which starts with the feminine energy within.



In our DNA, the nitrogenous base is made up of nucleic acids; Cytosine (C), Guanine (G), Adenine (A) and Thymine (T). Metaphysically, each of these nucleic acids is connected to the elemental substance of the planet as Fire, Air, Water and Earth. When we pollute these four elements on the earth, we pollute the corresponding nucleic acid in our DNA. Subsequently, two of these four bases are male and two are female components that match with its opposite, forming the double strand helix!

Our DNA is male/female balanced.

Man and earth are inter-related, inter-connected and interactive with each other, just as the molecules and atoms of our physical bodies interact and unite to allow neurons to fire up to create electricity in the brain, so does the earth, generate emotions in response through her body via hurricanes, tornadoes and other weather phenomena, along with man made disasters and acts of violence. To heal the planet, a living organism, we must heal our feminine traits within. By honouring the feminine traits we all embody and allowing the gentle feminine mother within to breathe, we effectively free ourselves from bondage and enslavement.

Everything we consume, we give back to Mother Earth. Our bodies are made of a combination of carbon, Neutrons, atoms etc, which means we are the problem! We all live here on planet earth, the playground for soul development. Isn’t it time we acknowledged the Mother within and without, embracing peace and harmony together.

3 Thoughts

  1. This is brilliant, Kelly I so strongly believe this to be true. We are of the earth how we treat the earth reflects how we treat our own deep feminine and the evidence of how far we have gone away from the feminine is reflected in the way humans treat the earth so badly and with such lack of consciousness connection, insight, empathy and awareness. I love this ❤


    1. Thank you, me too. I firmly believe we have suffocated the feminine energy for too long, we need rebalance not more man made war! Everything that we perceive in the outer is happening inside.
      Without earth we cease to exist. Thank you for sharing x

      Liked by 1 person

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