X Marks the spot!

The vagus nerve X in Roman numerals, the tenth cranial nerve which runs through the pituitary and pineal gland.

This one, singular nerve, is attached most majors organs and also, to both the heart and stomach. The vagus nerve transmits information and stimulus, via internal imprinting or via environmental stimulus recorded -(triggers to anxiety disorders) and acted upon via the reptilian brain. – fight, flight or freeze.

Therefore, anxiety and trauma memories are stored here and re-activated via the stomach or heart plexus centres, the imprinting is facilitated by the pineal gland.

Firstly; attention and reactions are both assimilated by the pineal gland. This gland is the master of your whole bodies functioning. The control panel of your life. What you feed this organ, you bring to fruition, in physical reality.

This organ is tiny, yet incredibly powerful. It decides whether you will get cancer, and any other life limiting diseases. By reducing its impact and strength, it weakens the moral and spiritual guidance of the person. The pineal gland attracts fluoride like moths to a flame. The fluoride calcifies this gland, which in turn, mutes or destroys the persons ability to tune into extra sensory perception. It also happens to be the seat of the soul. The home of your God!

This gland is the control centre for other people to take control of your awareness and feed your mind with images and concepts, to confuse you. Your dreams become nightmares. Your subconscious becomes the reality of your conscious world. Which dictates, directs and instructs the body. In other words, you live and operate on programmes, patterns and habits.

The pineal gland is a powerful organ, when working to optimum capacity. Unfortunately, due to the fast paced lifestyle and the dependency on pharmaceutical methods of pain relief, this gland is unable to sustain life and health, thereby affecting the life experiences of the bearer.

The vagus nerve, when connected and activated to the solar plexus, thymus plexus and the pineal gland, can either enhance well being, or convuluting already anxiety states, creating complexes and phobias. Therefore, the vagus nerve, is the main nerve centre for experiencing – ANXIETY!

2 thoughts on “X Marks the spot!

  1. An intriguing discussion is worth comment. There’s no doubt that that you need to write more about this topic, it may not be a taboo subject but usually folks don’t talk about these issues. To the next! Kind regards!!


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