The Shadow opposite of the seven sins!

The shadow of the seven sins

We like to blame things, judge things instinctively, without seeing them for what they are. The ego is that part of us that exists in duality, the duality of the psyche with the reality of the material world. The Ego is that part of us that judges ourselves and other, blames others or outer circumstances, without analysing the situation thoroughly,the ego condemns without understanding it, how it behaves and what stimulated it. When working on your own spiritual or psychic development, the ego is the teacher, the psyche is the student. Depending on how well the person is able to analyse their external experiences and transmute the lesson learned, into self-awareness and self-development.

Gradually, you will start to see the ego for what it is. Not only physically, but internally. Through dreams, through visions, through understanding. By stripping away, the ego’s desires and defences, we begin to understand the world in which we live and the circumstances that have occurred, which are easily explained and dissolved, through inner child and ego resolution, to strip back layers of conditioning and discover, the raw, limitless creative power and potential, we each possess is the ultimate discovery.

The planets in the solar system and their respective energies are more than stars in the sky. The solar system, exists within each of our personality structures and influences our psyche development, deeper than we each can admit. The solar planets have a direct influence in one’s life journey and experiences, a thorough natal birth chart, can reveal to the person, the influences and restrictions from their astrological blueprint at birth. This snap shot, or photograph of the solar system we each have at birth, is unique and exclusive to each individual.


The Sun

Pride – by transmuting conceitedness into humility, we can then begin to see what master we are serving and what benefits this master brings. Pride enable’s the individual to remain fixated on themselves, re-enforcing to the ego that needs to be validated by external input. By overcoming the pride, how we feel about ourselves, shaking off the shame that haunts us from our shadow experiences. The voice within, that chastises and berates us. Facing shame and embracing the shame, helps the person to overcome prideful boasting and understand that they are no greater than the next person. Pride, if left to develop without conscious awareness, can consume a person to fall into narcissism. Empathy, is the feeling that enable us to understand and share. To connect to each other and feel harmony, we must transmute pride, into humility. Shame into courage. Releasing and revealing the good, bad and ugly and embracing these aspects of the character, into the psyche. Humility is born, out of the psyche.

Pride is self-esteem. Because we are ignorant of what this virtue really is, we don’t see our pride for what it is. Pride is the one who feels abandoned, mistreated, misjudged. In our self-pity, in victimising ourselves and others, pride accompanies us in every moment.

Pride orchestrates the rest of the ego. It is our pride that prevents us from being honest with ourselves.


The Moon

Greed – living in abundance. An abundance of all the hearts desires. As opposed to all that the ego desires. The two concepts differ, in that greed appears to be too much of something, whereas, abundance, is an overflowing of all that is good. The generosity of the moon, encourages and urges us to live life of giving, of service to others.

We have to find our greed, our attachment, dissolve it and rebuild it into generosity. Our inner Being, who will present us with circumstances in which our attachments will be tested in physical reality. We associate generosity with money, which is related with money, but also related with time, energy and attention. We are very attached to time, to attention and to energy. Not just the physical things, but also psychological things.

The moon reflects back to us what we are giving our attention to, through emotions, our body responds to the stimulus. The moon, rules our moods, cycles and seasons. The moon which is the illusion of the sun, urges the individual to embrace the cyclical nature of the moon.



Sloth – the opposite or shadow of sloth is labour. By working diligently with what you have, and using the tools at your disposal, you can transmute sloth, into action. By addressing and acknowledging the aspects of your life that need action, attention and focus. Diligence is the shadow opposite of sloth.

Mercury is the messenger of the Gods. It is stated in esotericism that without mercury there cannot be any self-realization. Mercury, often associated with communication, is the messenger of the god that is transmuted through the heart and translated into words for the mind to understand and action.



Lust – living in the desires of the flesh, lusting sexually. Admiring, devouring and manipulating the sexual energy of the divine feminine. By repressing the sacred serpent of feminine power and reversing the power, the lusts and desires of the ego, are drained and diminished. Whereas, when the feminine power of the serpent has been aroused safely, the occupant will experience blissful feelings, connected to and similar in sensation, to that of the kundalini energy. The sacred serpent is released to the occupant, who respects and honour’s the power within. Lust is the raw desire for life, to feel alive. To experience feelings and emotions beyond the peace and calm of the soul. Lust is the uncontrollable urge to create and express raw, feminine energy.

Lust is governed by Venus and transmuted through Aphrodite, into pure consciousness of love. The reversal of this is the lusting of a sexual nature, yet when harnessed and transmuted, lust becomes a lust for life, rather than the sexual act between two people.



Wrath – the power of the boiling rage, when transmuted into energy, becomes the driving force behind the man. Rage and anger are emotions that help the individual to understand their psychology and spirituality. When wrath is wrongly directed, it can be destructive and damaging to all those in its presence. By transmuting anger, and using it constructively, the person has gained mastery over their lower, animal instincts and emotions and ultimately achieved power through the expression and transmutation of the energy. Anger is the drive behind the volition, when used correctly, reveals justice.

Mars can be very ferocious, but it is a sign of love, not pride or fear. It is the love of the mother protecting her child, it is not angry, its ferocious. Virtuous. We need the ferocity of Mars in order to protect the innocent, reject the impurity of our mind, and restore the presence of the divine in ourselves.



Envy – jealousy and the associated aspects of this sin are the desires of the heart, can be transmuted into action for self-growth. Envy, when it is stripped down is merely a wanting, urging or lusting for something, someone else has. It restricts growth of the self as the person experiencing this emotional state, is unaware of what to do with it. Following old programming of this feeling, the ego is slighted, offended and hurt. It can consume the individual into acting or a pretence of their persona, which further distorts the feeling. Envy is a powerful emotion that hi-jacks the psyche into believing they are more worthy than their neighbour. It leads the person to believe that they are not good enough, that they have to do more, improve more, the endless quest to self-actualization begins. Envy is the trap that teaches us we are separate, that life is a continuous struggle, the envy is the emotion we experience as inferior to others, which leads the individual into seeking lust, greed, pride, wrath, gluttony and sloth.

Envy creates painful emotions characterized by feelings of inferiority, hostility, and resentment, caused by an awareness of a desired that is enjoyed by another person or group of persons. The anti-thesis to envy is happiness for other people’s success.

In fact, our media is based upon stimulating envy. The movies, commercials, magazines, books, are all using our envy to manipulate us, to use us, to get our money, and to get power over us. Oftentimes, we only want what we want because we want to be envied by others.



Gluttony – The hunger for more. More life experience, more an insatiable addiction to life and life force energy. The power that can be derived from the insatiable desire of the kundalini serpent, or from the divinity of nature. Gluttony, can be transmuted into insatiable hunger for learning and life. A hunger that can only be satiated, by expansion. The opposite effect of gluttony, is temperance and balance. To be able to balance the internal drives with the external challenges.

We are gluttonous with soap operas, shopping, reading, talking, gossiping, with getting attention from others. We are gluttonous with anything that feeds our inner emptiness. Some of us are gluttonous with profit, others are gluttonous with food. Temperance is the virtue of using only what we need, not more. Temperance is a sense of balance. Temperance is the virtue of sensing when to stop, when to restrain and when to expend.

The objective of dissolving the ego desires and re awakening the soul’s desires can be achieved through transmuting the original cause, altering the effect. Past, present and future are always evident in all interactions, always changing, corresponding to the current. The past, drives and controls the future, through ego programmes, accumulated throughout the life’s experiences.

A change towards something beneficial and encouraging, something useful that will bring harmony and peace, not dissonance and violence. We want a change that will bring about goodness, equality, harmony, love. For this type of change, we need to thoroughly change the causes of suffering, and those causes are within us, in our psychology.

To be healed, we need a very profound surgery, very deep and very painful. It’s not easy, facing all the demons and voices in your head. Its not easy or pleasant to die psychologically. It’s not something that you will enjoy. You will feel pain. You will cry. You will have regret. You will have remorse. You will be ashamed of yourself. Don’t avoid any of the uncomfortable feelings or traumas. Embrace it, yet do not attach to it. Look squarely at the facts, accept them, and change.


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