Narcisstic Schizophrenia

Schizophrenia; A spiritual emergency where two realities collide to raise up, the all seeing eye. The intuition (sixth sense) and the mental/physical merge. The successful schizophrenic is able to navigate between two realities, one of the 4th dimension or astral/ dream world, and the other of this reality 3rd dimension, physical. Governed by the third eye that has been awakened, by merging duality. These people are awake both consciously and unconsciously and with guidance, are able to self-actualise their spiritual potential. They can travel out of body and beyond, their skills are limitless. These people are able to balance their intuition, by remaining connected to their emotions, mental agility and physical health. Thus, to achieve a balanced personality the person needs to bridge the gap between their heart, soul, body and mind, uniting intuition with their god mind. The five pointed star!

The psychiatric community believe that schizophrenia is a split mind, persecuted by voices, visions and people. Over in the forensic psychiatry, there are those who are criminal, schizophrenic psychopaths, that demonstrate the shadow side of schizophrenic narcissism.

Neuro-typical (NT) Narcisstic Schizophrenia, is where the mind has no connection to the emotions. These people have no capacity to feel love, positive emotions and empathy, therefore, to confirm to their ego they are still alive, they will ruthlessly attack your emotions, to maintain control over you, this gives their ego power, reassuring them that they are alive; the ego boost they felt was an internal emotion that proved to them (the ego told them they won!) they had successfully conned you!

The Autistic Narcisstic becomes schizophrenic through social controls, childhood experiences and cultural trends, negative neurosis – Persona, ego is hunted down by internal neurosis.

The Asperger’s Narcisstic becomes schizophrenic through emotional controls, childhood abuse, negative psychosis. -Shadow, ego is deceptive, driven by internal psychosis.

The mind has split into two separate entities. One reality is psychologically driven, where conspiracies, paranoia and persecution are the main trauma factors, this is how the two aspects of psychology and psychiatry collide, to explain psychosis (fear promoted to community, executive function (EF) bottom up). The other is sociologically driven, through childhood conditioning in addition to nurture and society laws, this creates neurosis, (Fear programming imprinted to brain development and EF top down).

NT and Autistic patients who are having delusions are highly fearful and tend to believe popular media conspiracies, they have experienced a psychic attack that has impacted them psychologically, and they become fearful of anybody that present’s as a threat to them. They lash out in defence of being further abused, but these patients are harmless to society. Because they are fearful, they live in a state of survival mode. Psychologically, the split between the persona and shadow is fragmented, their anxiety becomes their persecution. The anxiety is driven by hidden traumas and unresolved fears. They avoid contact due to fearful environmental stimuli or sensory overload, (the delusions are very real), just as you would recall a vivid dream in minute detail, the schizophrenic has visual extra sensory perception, combined with the human world. They become a victim to narcissistic culture and the sensory overload of incoming data explodes into a persecutory hallucinations, created through psychological and emotional experiences, and developing psychosis.

Then there is the shadow opposite of the schizophrenic who has split emotionally, these people have totally detached from their persona/shadow core, therefore depending on their earlier development and attachments (poverty or wealth) will create the split in their ego. They operate from a singular viewpoint, alone in a world full of people who are emotional which they abhor, but use this method to continue to manipulate and harm you. This type of abuser uses your emotions, to manipulate against you, through fear intimidation, to acquire power. This is the motivation of narcissistic schizophrenic.

The fascination with the two disorders once psychosis has claimed the mind is that neither psychology nor psychiatry can repair the damage, once it has been severed, it cannot be repaired. They operate between the two worlds of seeing or hearing real voices and psychological projection, society created, which creates fear, confusion and loss of knowing true reality. The Narcisstic Schizophrenic and the Narcisstic Psychopath

The psychotic schizophrenic becomes split from his persona and his ego (the memories with all their child experiences and if they were positive or negative) becomes his shadow. If the schizophrenic has suffered abuse, the abuse programming will ensure his compliance to taking medications. The fearful, fragmented schizophrenic is easy to control through the medical community. Using anti-psychotic medications to ensure compliance and reduce psychotic outbursts On the other hand, the psychopathic schizophrenic is highly dangerous and is likely to cause collateral damages to humans and society.   This is how the ego takes full control! This is how the Autistic/Asperger becomes the psychopath, depending on how neglected and abused the child’s experience is equivalent to the outcome of their destruction. Mr Jekyll and Mr Hyde are now under full control of the ego. The psychological shadow takes over the whole personality. The psychopath becomes his shadow; the person he hides from society.

So you see, our personalities are more than just family cultures. They’re also a product of society’s expectations and promotions or what people decide they want people to watch or read. If society promotes narcissism, through popular culture, the outcome is developing the psychological addiction to material things that require money to purchase; it’s also how we aspire to status and notoriety, for ego boosts. The only way out from this disorder is to acknowledge the ego and take up inner child or shadow therapy. Those who don’t acknowledge their ego desires as narcissism are also at greater risk of developing schizophrenia and disconnecting the gap between both worlds. One is controlled by emotional manipulation and the other is controlled by fear based tactics directed through culture. Some people are born with psychopathy and others are created through society and abuse!

Narcissism is a society created disorder which affects everybody. Evidence demonstrates that narcissism shares the same dysfunction to executive functioning (EF) in the frontal lobe, as autism and schizophrenia. Thus, in terms of EF, when stimulus or data is absorbed by a top down system, (psychological/society created – nurture) this alters brain neurology, indicating that narcissism is created by trauma, whereas those with autism are bottom up (EF) and  are born, (biology – nature) this way with a brain injury/deficit.

Those who are born this way, with the added sensory overload or under reactive sensory responses, may go on to develop narcissism psychopathy which explains the criminals that experience psychosis and explode into a rampant murder spree. This is beyond narcissistic rage, these people have left their mind, it has totally split. This is the most severe form of narcissism with combined psychopathy. If these people are in a position of authority they will arrogantly abuse the rules to ensure they are still viewed as the winner, once the mind splits, there is no returning back to the state of mind before.

The damaged pineal gland which is the home of divinity is destroyed. Through calcifying and programming to the major organ. This gland is the seat of your soul, without connection to the pineal gland we lose connection to each other and to the source of love and moreover, to our own God mind. Meaning those with true psychopathy, once split from their emotions will be unable to mentally comprehend or accept that they are not omnipotent or superior or the one and only person who is all seeing all powerful. They are ego/sociologically led. They cannot feel the heart and are controlled through ego programming imprinted from childhood conditioning and national culture. Their emotional capacity to feel real love is impaired, they can only feel anger due to their minds programme!

Whereas those who have autism and are raised in a negative environment are at risk of becoming a criminal psychopathic schizophrenic, if raised in an abusive environment! Therefore, a child born with Autism, Asperger’s, ADHD, or Conduct disorder is at risk of complete neurosis or psychosis due to brain impairments, should they be abused and not be supported during their development.

With the rate sudden growth of children identified as either autism or Asperger’s is growing and the risk this presents to not only mental health services but also, families, communities, neighbourhoods and the safety of the world at large!



Extract from the series, A prison without walls. © copyright, all rights reserved.

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