Narcissism and Schizophrenia

How does a narcissist become psychopathic!

Having personal and professional experience with Autism and anti social personality (ASPD). I wanted to evaluate the different types of childhood disorders that are  vulnerable to becoming high risk mental or criminal patients.

It’s a much debated myth that children who grow up in abusive households will become abusers or criminals due to domestic violence, it’s also a debated myth that domestic violence has been challenged as causing ASC in developing children. Fortunately, statistics state that ASC can affect anyone in any culture in any country.

People are either Neuro-typical (NT) Autism Spectrum Condition (ASC) Asperger’s (AS), or somewhere along a continuum within that perspective. Growing up, the world is extra sensory and these children feel, very deeply, all social and emotional experiences. Children reach developmental milestones and learn social skills; they begin to outgrow their innocence and start to develop their personality. At around 7-8. This change also correlates to a sudden surge of chemicals released, preparing the body for puberty. Along with these chemicals are emotions, negative or positive thoughts and hormonal imbalances affecting the body and, the changes happening biologically? Then during puberty and early teens, another surge of hormones starts flooding the body, at exactly the right, programmed time. Led by biology, psychology, sociology and controlled through the pineal gland!

The Pineal or third eye is the master gland that controls the biological release of hormones and works directly with the pituitary gland to regulate body rhythms. Biologically, this gland is the master control centre for experiencing duality. Where we split things into good and bad, light and dark, black and white, sleep and wake, love and hate. The pineal gland regulates the body’s biorhythms.

Patterns and sequences are projected into the new-born baby and they respond and develop from their environmental stimulus. What the child is taught, fed and nurtured with, is what he will become!

If there is a fault with the brain, such as with ASC, AS and the faulty EF, the distorted theory of mind, cognitive dissonance from ambiguous use of language and experience and also from abusive conditioning. The person, when in a state of psychosis or delusion, attacks  outwardly, his wounded ego from his life experiences that caused the psychological damage becomes the motivation, behind the verbal, physical attack.

Sociologically, we also learn through experience and early behavioural programming which develops alongside our temperament and personality. Our temperament is expressed in our reactions to emotional AND sensory experiences. Our personality is developed through genetics, parenting, childhood attachments, traumas and experiences.

Those who react to toxins, (ASC, AS) become irritable, anxious and overactive. They fail to regulate their pineal gland and the melatonin is disrupted, this affects their sleep pattern and their interactions with the social world. This creates the sensitive, vulnerable child.  Parenting these children can be stressful and challenging; above and beyond what is comparable to the NT, difficult child. Parenting a child that is ASC or AS is extremely challenging due to stereotypical parenting approaches and stigma associated with mental disability. These children have further additional challenges in managing their emotions which further alienates them from society, which is why they tend to be called loners or geeks.

ASC and AS start to display anxiety or anger and some start to detach from their caregiver, if they are not understood or accepted? This creates a division in their mind, the experience is stored away with all other early experiences that confirms to them they are different. If their family environment was abusive and cold, they grow up with (insecurity) anger and aggression at being rejected, which in turn alienates them from the society they desperately want to conquer.

When a child reaches maturity (physically – adulthood) the childhood experiences (psychology and sociology), whether they were positive or negative are the driving force behind personality development and behaviour. The psychology and temperament of the child has fully matured. The Physical world is how we observe and make judgements based on our own upbringing and innate moral/social conscience. Emotional attachments and experiences when living in abusive conditions, creates a dysfunctional internal pathway or pattern and determines the trust and power balance within future relationships, emotions are also demonstrated in behaviour and how people express themselves. These experiences are all stored in the working memory.

Along the spectrum, narcissism is one of the personality disorders that develops for the NT child, which is born out of neglect. It could also be disguised under AS, as a child and not identified during school years, it also can be diagnosed alongside AS, ASC. Narcissism represents everything that is material, physical or aesthetic as narcissists abhor anything ugly; how they present themselves is more important than who they are! They depend on all external, verbal and written praise to validate their delusional beliefs which supplies ego gratification and are unable to connect emotionally, with another person. This is pathological narcissism and is the neurosis equivalent to schizophrenia!

The shadow opposite to this is psychopathy (Where splitting has already occurred and has shut down to experiencing positive emotion). The ASC feels anxiety, the AS feels anger and the Psychopath feels nothing, due to earlier trauma from childhood abuse and through their own delusional beliefs of how great they believe they are.

For the NT who appears unaffected by any of the above disorders falls into the other category which is called narcissism. Narcissism is the NT disability that is expressed in their behaviour, temperament and attitude. The way to develop narcissistic traits into the personality of the growing child is first to create core wound traumas; such as war, rape, domestic abuse, cold or absent parenting and culture trends.

On a psychological level, this splits the animus/anima into the shadow. Anger is repressed with the trauma. Therefore, the trauma or core wound, is what created the narcissistic wound to begin with. When the mind has split from the heart, the narcisstic wound becomes the driving power behind the person. Duality has been distorted (as the person is only functioning for their own perspective, black and white thinking), possessed by narcissism, unable or unwilling to accept they are flawed or imperfect. The ego is now controlled fully, by the shadow. The persona, or the person they present in public, is fake! These people become their shadow! The only emotion they can ever feel is anger! They have no capacity to love from the heart as it has been disconnected, or they have never experienced love, due to abusive childhood experiences. They do everything to ensure their public profile and personality is projecting a nice, decent, honest person, to ensure their real intentions are not exposed!

A child with an fearful autistic temperament may retreat and feel more anxiety and fear, the hallucinations are created from media culture trends. The fearless Asperger’s may explode in what appears a violent rage, programmed to react from peer exclusion to obtain attention and the detached psychopath will remain detached and blunt. These people have detached from their emotions, and are technically, schizophrenic! As the heart is disconnected emotionally, the ego reacts from the wounded the animus/anima, that is stored in the shadow, this evidences misogyny, an unconscious anger based reaction to a woman/man. Add this psychological trauma to ASC, AS or NT and the recipe for psychotic schizophrenia has been established.

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