The Devil was once an Angel, he was God’s favourite!

The novel, 50 shades of grey introduced the world to the insidious relationship of a sociopath and an innocent young girl. The story highlights the naivety in women and young girls, demonstrating a clear dominance and power over relationship. When you remove the billions and the luxurious lifestyle, Mr Grey suddenly is exposed as the typical profile of a serious personality disorder. Mr Grey demonstrates perfectly, what a sociopath, acts like, how he grooms his victim for his own devious pleasure. What is most disturbing in this story line is the fallacy that her love saved him?

No it didn’t!

This is completely false and can never be proven. Sociopaths are incapable of love? They don’t have any to give, that’s the reason why there is so much controversy regarding the book. Your love, gods love, any love, will not ever break through a sociopaths heart. They are not interested in love, just the image of you adoring them is enough to keep their ego happy. This is the power of the sociopath. They can mimic all emotions and deliver them with Oscar performing miming and acting. It’s a game of divide and conquer. Not love!

There is also a contract, or rules that are to be played with the game. Similar to the 50 shades story, However, you won’t be informed of any of these tactics, as they are obtained by scrutinising all your insecurities and fears and using them as ammunition at a later time, to destabilise you.

The unspoken contract with a narcissist, sociopath or psychopath in the idolisation stage.
“You do not need to say anything, but it may harm your defence, if you do not mention, when questioned something you may later rely on in defence. Anything you say can and will be used as evidence against you in a court of law”.

Domestic violence is a violation of the Human rights of the individual; here are a few of the human rights of the victim!

Are they upheld!!

A Right to life
Freedom of expression
Freedom from torture and inhuman degradation
Right to liberty and security
Freedom of thought belief and religion
Freedom from slavery and forced labour
No punishment without law
Right to an education
And finally, the right to a fair trial.

All of these components are violated against the victim of abuse and entrenched in the domestic abuse household. A victim has no voice, no rights and the very professionals that are needed to support are oblivious to the truths that make her reality a living hell. These rights are failing humanity, they are expressed covertly in relationships, the human rights of victims are ignored?

The public and general society asks, ‘why does she stay! She can leave whenever she likes, she’s not in prison!’ She stays because she has no money, voluntary homelessness isn’t an easy option to select. Her reasons for staying depend on the attitudes of her culture. Your judging her, preventing her from leaving. Your own prejudice against her is adding to the silence that society prefers to hide behind. The public today walks around with pods in their ears and covering their eyes, nobody wants to help or get involved. People are too self absorbed in their own life to care about the trauma and terrorism happening next door, in their own family or even against their own sister, mother, cousin, daughter, niece, wife or grandmother. Why does she stay? Where should she go? When she’s condemned to an eternal onslaught of further abuse from those around her. ‘It’s your own fault. You married him?’
She wasn’t looking or asking for your opinions, she needed compassion.

One in four, that’s a quarter of the population, the other quarter are perpetrators. Are¬†you going to continue living In Ignorance, until it happens to you?

3 thoughts on “The Devil was once an Angel, he was God’s favourite!

  1. Amazing read! Thanks for writing this and giving language to an experience that can be so very confusing to the victim.


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