Angry men

Men are controlled by their own masculine energy, persona and the drives that are integral to their physical biology and life journey. Physical drives such as lust and beauty. Mental drives such as ambition and leadership. Emotional drives such as anxiety separation or ego boosting activities, like entitlement and admiration. Men who were subjected to violence from their fathers, developed strategies to cope with the physical trauma inflicted on them.

Angry men use trauma from their emotional pain as a means of power destruction, to manipulate and control through psychological, emotional and physical actions. Why, because they are too fragile, needy and insecure to face their own traumas. They don’t want to look back on their life challenges and grow from their own experience of pain, instead, they internalise this pain and use it for power and vengeance. Learnt behaviour from repressed childhood programming of physical abuse, these boys go on to develop into angry men.

Angry men repress their pain of being unloved by their care givers, or the abandonment for their inner child, too humiliated to face their own dramas from early life, neglected or idealised by their parents, which is then programmed and demonstrated as power over in their behaviour, attitude and approach. Instead of facing their pain, they turn it in on themselves and deny any thoughts or feelings associated with their inner trauma, thereby, using the anxiety that is the root cause of the trauma which is repressed and denied, replaced with superiority, entitlement and eventually, violence. They blindly build their narcissistic traits on their ego strengths and weaknesses, choosing to either identify with their amazingly great ego, or their dark, dirty shadow. Any slight hurt, and the rage of fury awakens.

To access true emotional healing, man has to address his own inner child woundings, accept and heal them. Only then is he capable of giving and receiving from the heart, because he has to purge the deep traumas that he has, alone, to acquire healing. Only after healing, are we bestowed with heavenly gifts from divinity.

When man can face himself and address his own bias, prejudice, internal woundings from childhood and his mysoginostic attitude, he will be able to see a woman for who she really is.

Without a woman, man ceases to exist. After they have raped, beaten and murdered all the women in the world, man will be all that’s left. The truth will face them to which they will have no other choice than to hang their head in shame.

Abandoned…..the very  psychological wound they’re running away from. To prove they really are, the only species on the planet that deserves to live on it.

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