Why men abuse…the power of woman

Woman is the feminine, she’s patient, forgiving, compassionate, submissive, humble, warm, nurturing and kind.

When a woman is supported and nourished with tenderness and love, her traits will engulf your soul and embrace your being into someone godly and powerful. The sacred serpent of kundalini will rise and bless your Union with otherworldly passion, ecstasy and extra sensory experiences.

When a woman is suppressed and abused, she will retreat and hold back, her inherent gifts will be suffocated, drowning in the overpowering force of the aggressive masculine. His own masculinity will be compromised by his own ignorance of the divinity that stands before and beside him. He suffers tremendous pain due to the ego games of control and power. He accepts this reality as cultural, sociological and spiritual. The man has forgotten the truth and prefers to debase and abuse the sacredness of woman, by believing his own superiority and narcissism, he lives in a constructed reality based on previous expectations from the heritage of his ancestors.

He chooses to despise woman as this feeds his superiority complex. His biggest fear is to surrender to the feminine and to honour her, but this creates a dilemma. By honouring her, he believes he stands to lose his masculinity in this process. Yet by fearing the divine, he sacrifices the very concept that would free him from emancipation.

When women stop abusing their feminine traits and feminine gifts to lure, entrap and enslave the men, they too can move forward spiritually and find solace and compatibility with their fellow men.
Man and women are supposed to be equal, they’re supposed to bring inherent qualities to the relationship and share themselves, openly and honestly.
Today’s society shapes the structure of the nuclear family, designs the path for the person and tells us all we must be something that we’re not. Music and media is the new teaching platform for today’s youth and they are being taught that vanity is the most important aspect to aspire to. The youth today are taught that perfection is the goal. Someone has forgotten to tell their children that they are perfect as they are.

Society is forcing women to become masculine, something that is uncomfortable to their true nature and men are being feminised, which they are struggling to cope with. This is causing chaos among humanity.

When men step up and act like a man, instead of five year old boys demanding, expecting and devaluing the women of society and when women stop giving their power away, refusing to be debased and used by men, humanity will shift and move forward from an era of domination and war to a new age of love and sharing.

That’s true utopia. True freedom.


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