Eros, Orpheus and the debasement of sex.

Eros the love principle, Orpheus the reversal/shadow of love, where love descends into the underworld of the sub conscious mind. Where we face the monsters from our Id, dark shadows of ourselves birthed from our connection with sex. This powerful energy creates screaming rows, bitter partings and betrayals, it’s generated from childhood traumas, programmed to act, or react, from trauma experiences. The Eros (love) is trapped in the (projection) subconscious mind.

  • Orpheus was a poet and musician, some folklore tales include him as a magician, who had the ability to charm and seduce all living things with his music. However, Plato regarded Orpheus as a coward, instead of choosing to die in order to be with the one he loved, he instead mocked the gods by trying to go to Hades to bring her back alive. Since his love was not “true”—he did not want to die for love—he was proving his omnipresence, he was actually punished by the gods. 

Infra sex thrives in the dark shadow of love. The underworld, or darker shadow side of human species, such as the seducers and charmers, Don Juan’s and femme fetales, prostitution, seduction by unforgettable, romantic words. Men who have many women live in this reality, happy with adultery and unaware they are infra sexual by nature. This reality we also find a sweetness that moves the soul, virgins, seducing with their charms of innocence and tenderness. Men who abandon their homes, bewitched by their lust, enchanted by those who are beautiful, driven by uncontrollable passions, drives and addictions.

Orpheus and infra sex is a reflection of the collective consciousness towards sexuality and, the sexual debasement of the feminine principle.   Love is understood, felt and viewed as our higher emotions of joy, elation, happiness, compassion and forgiveness. Love, when understood from the projection of infra sex, emotions such as fear, insecurity, trauma bonding, and anxiety, ensures your survival. These emotions become confused and misinterpreted as love.

For people, traumatised by childhood sexual abuse, this imprint is powerful. Vulnerable from early trauma, the psyche will either turn the trauma inwards, therefore taking responsibility or blame. Or, the psyche will repress that rage and pain and project it outwards, in relationships, families, communities and work environments. Hence, the victim from child trauma abuse will become more conscientious, or internally close down, from the overwhelming power of injustice and rage of the experience and adopt the programme  of pre sensitised conditioning.

Dominance, power, control, sodomy and pornography are temptations to lure the psyche into Narcissistic behaviours, this internally splinters the psyche into self seeking sexual gratification, that in turn, leads to a loss of true identity and self autonomy, by enslavement to the Orpheus desire. Infra sex breeds and feeds dysfunction where our soul becomes a slave to psychological and biological imprinting from earlier patterns created in childhood.

Carl Jung quotes. ‘Every man has a psychological innate nature that is female’, this is called, anima. A healthy anima is expressed by the person, where their sub conscious desires and yearnings are projected out. When a man looks at a women, he projects his anima into his attraction to her, she is the direct physical representation of his own anima.

Therefore, how a man sees a woman, either as a beautiful soul or as a slut, is a direct reflection of his own anima and the state of his soul. 

If a man projects that woman is a dirty bitch, he is actually projecting his own inner woman onto her. Jung called this blasphemy. Woman was not designed to be mans dumping ground for repressed emotions and traumas. However, man who sees a woman as divinity, cannot degrade her physically or verbally in his mind and is free from the unconscious projection. She is by extension of her sexuality an extension of his anima.


Author – A Prison Without Walls.

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