The Dark Knight of the Soul

Gas lighting – a psychological strategy, to convince someone the accused that everything they are experiencing is wrong!

A story that follows the life of Jenny, a teacher who is suffering with PTSD. She is referred to the community mental health team and her case is assigned to occupational therapist, Ellie. Ellie nurtures and supports Jenny by helping her to manage her obsessive anxious rituals, teaching her relaxation and breathing techniques, helping Jenny to rebuild her confidence.

Ellie discovers that Jenny is being manipulated by her husband, she then starts to educate Jenny about narcissism, cognitive dissonance and exploring dream meanings.

However, when Jenny discovers she is an abused wife, she tries to leave, but her husband has other plans. As she has already attempted suicide, and is now recovering and gaining strength, her husband becomes anxious that his plan will fail. Jenny has established that she once considered suicide but no longer feels this way anymore. However, the deception and greed of her husband leads her down a path of destruction that her husband aims to complete.

Her husband is a sociopath and his plans for her to commit suicide voluntarily backfires. Will he frame her murder and make it look like suicide!

Involuntary euthanasia – when euthanasia is performed on a person who is able to provide informed consent, but does not, either because they do not choose to die, or because they were not asked!

The story highlights the truths behind closed doors in domestic violence and dangerous men. As a survivor of domestic abuse, I wanted to help other women who are being abused, Or are too afraid to seek help. The book is designed as an entertaining story, but also provides a self help aspect in recovery from abuse.

If you know someone who is being abused but feel powerless to help, this book is an ideal way to let your loved one know you are thinking about them. The story, when read from a victims viewpoint is validating the crazy experiences, it takes you into the mind and life of a victim.

It aims to bridge the gap between understanding and ignorance.