Seven Sins of Narcissism

How does such a strategy take place? How do they manage to function, how did you get fooled. How and why do they do this? What rules are they playing by?

By using the seven sins of humanity, they live by these rules. This is what shapes the personality disordered individual in their quest for domination. Sex money and violence.


This is the first level of the game and the easiest strategy of them all. One of the deadly seven sins and the most efficient to bring a person down. In the playing field of the spirituality, the psychopath is devoid of any spirit, and needs yours to function and survive. The objective is to get you to either defend your vanity. Or destroy you in any means possible. If you hide away from your own shadows, the psychopath will force you to either face them, or submit to his shadow power. Losing your own power and handing it over to them. His own pride is what makes him powerful too, by using your vanity, he will idolise you, beyond comprehension, this is to validate you, to put you on a pedestal and elevate you. Your own vanity is part of the destruction as once this phase is complete they then devalue you, making you question the truth. A perfect contribution to cognitive dissonance and how the tactic works.


A psychopath is driven by the emotion of envy. It is well concealed but easily channeled. Their envy is to take from you, what they don’t have. Your goodness, your empathy and compassion, it’s what keeps them alive. Your love, generosity and empathy is their goal and they will use any tactic necessary to extract it from you. They are motivated by envy and it is displayed outward to anyone who knows them. They like to portray a life of bliss and extravagance, living like a king. At some point in the game, you will be consumed by the energy of envy, they will use triangulation to induce jealousy in you. This is to extract your energy, fear is easier to obtain and fills their ego further. Jealousy is one of the greatest weapons in their arsenal. They will triangulate and manipulate you into a frenzy of jealousy, they will use their family, your family, your friends, anyone that will validate their claim that you are the evil one.

How they use their rage to dominate and control you. They are adept at making you internalise your anger and this affects your whole mental well being. The anger that you feel when you expose them is exactly the tool to engage you in another final round of the game. Your anger, will be your noose to hang yourself with if you play into the final stage of the game. Passive anger, covert anger, intimidation, threats, blackmail all stem from this one emotion, anger. Their domination will suppress your anger to such a degree that you will either develop depression, anxiety or another immune disorder that holds your anger in your body. Essentially, harming your overall well being due to fear of expressing your anger.


They are insatiably greedy, driven by boredom and restless to a fault. They demand more and more and more, your will exhaust yourself by giving and giving and giving, until finally your run out of resources. They raise the bar or move the goal post again, their insatiable thirst for your energy, your compassion, your love, will never be sufficient. They need more of what you can possibly give, and you will be punished. Your will never be enough. You can never give enough, the pit is bottomless and empty. It’s full of holes and leaks, no amount of positive energy can relieve their insatiable appetite. It’s always about more, more, more.


An insatiable addiction to substances, they need alcohol drugs or food and they need more. This highlights their craving for more than is needed. They crave substances, because it makes them feel, but it also gives them an alibi. A get out clause, an excuse to continue behaving the way they wish to because as a society, we want to help those who have a chemical imbalance that makes them crave addictions. All genuine addictions are created by a trauma bond, psychopaths know this and use this to their own advantage. It relieves them of any responsibility that the addiction causes. They know that their addiction is also a get out clause, if they ever get caught out on their behaviour, they will have a perfect alibi, and blame it on their addiction. They are fully capable of full behaviour control, they choose not to because they lose the ability to blame it away, if caught.

Some psychopaths are able to maintain a high position in society. But those less educated are reluctant to work. They depend on their partner for labour. Whether this be an unfair distribution of labour within the home or a refusal to participate in the joint care of keeping the home and managing childcare of their children. Sloth is inevitable in the psychopath. A refusal to reflect on their behaviour, a preference to depend on excuses and lies to ward of any action needed to change dysfunctional attitudes and behaviour. They are far too special and too superior to work. The world owes them a living. You owe them. The welfare state owes them! They present themselves as living like a king, but reality is, they are slobs in nice clothes! Ah vanity poking in again.


A desire of the flesh, where fantasy and realty combine into a distortion of the sacred act of love, becomes a perversion to the unity of two people. Lust can extend as far as sexual abuse and rape, to subtle tactics of manipulation and coercive pressure, to declarations of love, designed to lure you into a world of passion, which then develops into a deeply disturbing perversion of the expression of love. By using your physical body to obtain your energy and feed their black hole that can never be sated. Lust is the weakness of everybody, it’s also the dominating force of a psychopath. Their main tactic to seduce and destabilise you, whether this is trickled down from sociological structures and conformity, or normalising the perversion of pornography, lust is a human weakness and every demonic creatures power tactic. Extracting sacred energy, filling up the collected unconscious in society to accept and conform. To comply and obey.
Look deeper at it and you will see them at play. The sins of humanity penetrating the spirit of mankind. We’re dying from enslavement and nobody is coming to save you. Start saving yourself before you commit your own suicide, for the powers of the darkness don’t actually care if you live or die, to conquer is all they truly want, by committing suicide, they’ve won.


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