Exploring the psychological implications of gas lighting in romantic relationships.

A Prison without walls is a Psychological war between two opposing forces in humanity. It lives in humans and feeds a collective agenda via FEAR. The cost of the psychological warfare is neurosis and psychosis. Two very serious conditions created by fear.
The world we live in is bigger than the physical reality that we know. It’s has a psychological reality, an emotional reality, a spiritual reality and an astral/dream reality. You’re more than what you think. We don’t acquire freedom by adamantly supporting a cause that’s destructive, or a war, defending against terror attacks! This is reductionism, reducing the event happening to you by distraction techniques from the TV, Music and Media. The terrorist is closer than you think. You’ve been foolish if you believe a terrorism is only a physical threat. A Terrorist work’s among you. You may even be sleeping with the devil yourself.

In moments of despair, predators like psychopaths and narcissists find their life force/opportunity by siphoning life force from you. By engaging you into a battle of words, using manipulation tactics and verbal abuse, by intimidating you to conform to their rules, by blackmail and manipulation, you have no choice but to stand up and defend yourself. To justify your defence and prove your innocence. Your anger rises and your adrenaline pumps faster and faster through your veins. You’ve got to keep fighting, that’s what you’ve been taught. Stand up for yourself, stand up to the bullies! Again and again the same battle erupts and you’re justifying yourself, your honesty and integrity to defend yourself, against the very person you believe has your best interests at heart! But the real truth of the battle is psychological.
Energy follows attention.

The rules of the game.
The person who succeeds in controlling the others by obtaining attention, negative or positive, wins by manipulation. There is no resolution to a conflict and a dysfunctional pattern has now been created.

The attention and concentration you’ve expended during this mental and emotional battle by justifying yourself and your honour, has been lost. You’ve now been drained of vital energy and life force. And your opponent is as high as a kite on vitality and life! You’ve just fed the vampire and you didn’t see a thing. The Loss of life force energy = Suppression of your birth right of individuality and intuition, feelings and discernment. Exactly what the predator aimed for and you were blindsided.

3 thoughts on “Exploring the psychological implications of gas lighting in romantic relationships.

  1. This is such an excellent post. Truth is truth but most people do not want to see it. I have tried to show the facts to people but they just draw illogical conclusions from those facts….ones that fit with their reality.

    People do not want to believe that their family members, or bosses are psychopaths and narcissists, even when you remind them of all the facts they already know.
    They believe what the narcissist programmed them to believe….”I am only thinking of your best interest”…”I am doing this for your own good”..

    .”You needed my help with that because yourvway was wrong because….”….
    “I care about you and want what is best for you…”

    Uhg. These narcissists strip you of your independence, you self esteem, you authority in situations where you should be in charge, your dignity, your independent thought and all of your rights as a person. And people just go along with them.


    1. That’s exactly right, these people are everywhere. Stripping you of any independence or free thought of your own, their way is the only way. The sad reality is society, is helping to create more and more of them.
      In the book, I wanted to highlight the gas lighting techniques used by narcissists to rape, by demonstrating how the woman is coerced and manipulated by her husband for sex. This taboos topic needs discussion and marital rape is a topic that needs to be challenged.


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