Dark Love and the game of chess


A narcissist seeks power and control in all areas of your life. Emotionally, physically, financially, spiritually, psychologically and sexually. This is a game and their motive is to divide and conquer. You are the pawn in a game of chess and their outcome is to make you checkmate yourself. Their crazy making strategy is to play on the psych of the whole human being and conquer your weaknesses, their strategy is to make you look like the guilty party. Basically, you hang yourself in the name of love! They use every persuasion tool in the box to deceive and con you; and you will either submit to their control and brain washing tactics, or you will exit, by either running for your life, or taking your life. Their objective is to drive you right to the depths of insanity, by deceiving you in avoiding revealing their own. This is the strategy of their crazy making scheme, as the insanity lies in the pathology of the dark personality of the psychopath. This is to firmly establish that they were victimised all along by a mad person.

It’s the most dangerous relationship you will ever encounter, and the effect of the experience will leave you completely shattered. Their endless supply of smoke screens and mirrors will leave you in a state of confusion, doubt, lost and terrified. The safest path to now choose is to exit. By leaving the relationship, you will feel abandoned, totally confused, afraid and in despair and once you realise you’ve been conned, you will begin to feel the emergence of anger. You want to avenge, you want to shout out and scream to the legal and medical profession that such a dysfunctional character is dangerous and a menace to society. Don’t. That’s all part of their game, to engage you in another battle to prove your insane. You will never win, not against a true psychopath. By engaging in the battle, you keep the flame of negativity alive, polluting your soul further into despair. Defending yourself on social forums or to the police or the jury is encouraging the power play even further. Ironically, defending yourself is an instinctive and healthy reaction in the proper context. However, with psychological mind games, defending yourself becomes a feast for the opponents ego. This is how sick our society has become, we’re all fighting against each other. Husband against wife, sister against sister, brother against brother. It’s all part of the plan, to bring everyone down into the game of negativity and darkness, so love, compassion and equality is overturned.

The energetic imprint of the psychopath, sociopath or narcissist is to strengthen the masculine energy that has been ruling humanity for centuries. The feminine energy is being driven down, suffocated by the dominance and power play of the masculine energy. This is how wars are created from country to country, race fighting against race, religions are pitted against each other for superiority. The masculine energy has created indifference, and like obedient sheep that we’ve been conditioned to be, we follow the crowd. Nobody knows who is right and who is wrong? Individuality is being murdered due to the increasing levels of narcissism in society where prejudice reigns the headlines. Pathological liars the best of times, violent terrorists with raging outbursts at their worst. Masters of deception, the dark prince will find you, they are devoid of any empathy, morality or spiritual gifts, they are soulless beings residing in a human body, believing they are the ultimate, superior one!

Totally ruthless and driven by anger, the battle between good and evil is in full swing. They seek out sheep to follow them, because blind sheep don’t know themselves, their waiting for someone to save them, to show them which was to go. The religions have duped you into believing you will be saved from this ‘monstrous’ society, where rapists, murderers and thieves run amok. You won’t be saved, you have to face your shadows and embrace your darkness, because nobody is judging you more severely than your judging yourself. Your constantly judging your actions and reactions to the games played between the darkness and essence of pure love. No one can condemn you to hell, your already in it. Take the lesson that’s been taught to you and grow, rise up and evolve, your enough. Your already whole, you don’t need someone to fill you up, you are enough. No religion, saviour or any other authority has the right to absolve you from any of wicked things you may or may not have done. You have to forgive yourself, you have to save yourself. Walk out of hell. Nobody can force you, you have to do this part yourself, get up with your mind in tatters, your heart bleeding and your soul terrified, get up and walk out of hell, don’t look back.
You can do it!

It’s how you recover that determines whether you can thrive, or fall prey again. You’ve had the most traumatising experience you will ever encounter in your life, the judas has blown his cover, he was right beside you all he time. In your bed, taking the most intimate and sacred gifts you had. Will you ever trust again.

Author-A Prison Without Walls.  E book

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