Narcissists – bringing forth the fifth world!

The soulmate, Twin Flame and even domestic abusive experience for anyone who goes through it is life changing, it will test you, push you to the edge of insanity and may even break you on a mental, emotional and spiritual level. The purpose of the relationship has a VALUABLE LIFE CHANGING OPPORTUNITY For those who experience it.

True recovery from a Twin Flame relationship, is a make or break experience. RE-FRAMING THE PAIN, will lead YOU to YOUR SALVATION!

(It’s all KARMIC)

These relationships are not just about personal healing and evolution, they are also designed to bring forth collective healing AND evolution. This is the PATH TO EXPANDED CONSCIOUSNESS! On an unconscious level, the abuser WANTS THIS FOR YOU!

They’re setting you free.

If you awaken to the TRUTH that These relationship offer you, and you survive and heal from a Twin/Soulmate Flame relationship, you have also helped free an aspect of humanity from the shadows into the light.

It’s all an inside job – the marriage of the feminine and masculine is the union of the left and right brain! It Is the path to WHOLENSSS and total UNION.

As the caterpillar transforms from its cocoon and emerges into a butterfly, the toxicity and damage that narcisstic abuse (MIRROR) projects to you, IS YOU, they are your greatest teacher, this is what intimate abuse is about – pushing you to evolve out of the dark. The gift in these relationships will enable you to discover yourself!

They’re HELPING you by PUSHING you UP into the FIFTH WORLD – When you see it, you’ll be so thankful to them, for where they have pushed you.

Narcissistic abuse is about control and power, and relationships are about discovering yourself in the other… when you finally realise it’s all YOU. When clarity finally clears the path, you will likely thank them. They are SHOWING YOU their DARKNESS TO SET YOU FREE!!

This is why all abused spouses are JUDGED because they endured such abuse! The courts will JUDGE you, the police will JUDGE you, social workers JUDGE you. They all BELIEVE it is YOUR OWN FAULT! Don’t expect COMPASSION It’s reverse psychology in play!


YOU have to break the chain of family, societal, PATRIARCHAL dogma and psychological ABUSE!

This is the alchemic part of Twin/Soulmate and ALL domestic abuse relationships – they hold this truth: The greatest light is mined from the deepest of darkness. Your TWIN/SOUL FLAME or ABUSER will show you this, by leading back to yourself and to YOUR source. To make YOU WHOLE AGAIN.

The irony of the relationship is because we haven’t learnt to love ourselves, we think we need to LOVE the MIRROR in our relationship, we think we need to free ourselves from the other person’s darkness, yet ultimately what we discover is THAT happens organically and ONLY when we free ourselves from our OWN darkness, do we see the purpose of the relationship and the journey.

YOUR TWIN FLAME IS YOUR DARK KNIGHT! He is not anymore evil than you, he IS the exact MIRROR of YOU, the gift of the relationship is they are the shadow to YOUR LIGHT. Being brutally honest with yourself will relieve you of all the PAIN and ABANDONEMENT and TRAUMA ISSUES!

The twin flame relationship is showing you how to become WHOLE, it teaches you how to re-connect with your other half – WITHIN.

Narcissists are the other half of DUALITY! Once you see the whole of duality, you start to SEE a DIFFERENT WORLD, to the one that is projected AT YOU via MEDIA and TV!

Twin Flame relationships are about being plunged into a deep abyss of PAIN and TRAUMA, in order to powerfully and most importantly – cellularly transform and anchor light, to literally emerge from the UNDERWORLD to energetically be a force of Healing for All.

You have Narcissism issues too and when you understand your Narcissism issues and WHY you TOLERATED such INSIDIOUS behaviour AND CRUELTY, you FREE YOUR being to discover TRUE LOVE!

Re-frame YOUR SHAME and PAIN! Hating them is NOT HEALING or helping YOU!

The dark night of the soul is A JOURNEY OUT OF DEPRESSION, AND THE TWIN FLAME JOURNEY, will likely lead you THERE! Your manifested physical human twin IS the catalyst that will push you deep into the abyss. And when you complete the INNER ALCHEMY – you will emerge and bloom stronger than EVER. You will discover what LOVE actually IS!

All narcissists are INCAPABLE OF LOVE, this is the BEAUTY of the BEAST!

Love requires compassion, collaboration and co-creating something of value. Narcissism restricts the individual from discovering real love because of their own wounding!

The truth of the journey is becoming a light Being who radiates authenticity, love and a beacon who leads others out of the darkness and into the light.

All narcissistic relationships come in on this level, and everyone who has a Soul Contract with a Twin Flame is a Lightworker who is here, at THE soul level, to help evolve humanity at this time.

This ‘false twin’ and the many narcissistic lessons, is a gift, to escape the underworld and shift up, another level. Think of the relationship as a game, like the MATRIX, your NEO, the bright light and they are AGENT SMITH, determined to keep you trapped in the dark! Neo discovered the TRUTH, you cannot kill your own shadow, you must learn to embrace it, to become WHOLE again!

There is so much pain in these soul contract relationships because the bond feels inseparable, clinging to Twin Flame relationships, the two become interdependent and co dependant, we start to see this person as our Source of love, survival, approval, security, protection etc to push us to LOVE ourselves and become WHOLE to ourselves. You don’t love them when you don’t love ALL of YOURSELF – this is the lesson AND GIFT of NARCISSISM.

This is the schism, because co-dependency is not LOVE? Therefore, the schism is that people are constantly looking for LOVE in the MIRROR of the OTHER! A MUTUAL GIVE AND TAKE? Whereas with narcissism, it is always one sided, with the narcissist only capable of taking.

Narcissistic relationships are about growth and finding your way out of lower density consciousness and up levelling, into quantum consciousness. This is the true gift that these relationships offer us.

Even when they are punching and slamming your head against the wall, the lesson – They’re knocking SENSE INTO YOU! All abusers are incapable of loving another because they don’t know WHAT LOVE IS! And neither do you.

It isn’t loving to consistently forgive and forget the abuse you are enduring, you ARE NOT LOVING YOURSELF and that’s the point. How can you blame the Narcissist for not loving you while you are ignorant to your own worthiness! You are tolerating the bullshit, and that’s not your fault… society has you riddled with guilt because you have to work at relationships, you have to forgive someone for trying to strangle or choke you??

NO… You’ve been conditioned to tolerate this behaviour because you’ve learnt to view it as normal? You grew up in a conflict zone, so its all you know right? Wrong, you’ve been conditioned WRONG.

Re-frame the pain and turn to the MIRROR – give YOURSELF the COMPASSION and NURTURING you so desperately craved from the shadow/narcissist.

We think that loving this person is our way to salvation, because your religion or your childhood or traditional values and societal programming told you to forgive them again and again for allowing insidious abuse.

Stop fixing what you haven’t broken and see what happens?

MEN ABUSE BECAUSE THEY WERE ABUSED and NEGLECTED BY THEIR PARENTS! They repeat this behaviour because it is what THEY WERE TAUGHT! This is why Narcissistic people behave this way, they were never loved either, they were neglected and abandoned without feeling, knowing or being loved too!

We have to face the GREAT MIRROR within, learning to LOVE and forgive YOURSELF is the true path to freedom and where wholeness begins.

You can only save yourself. Nobody can fix, heal or cure your trauma’s Nobody but YOU!

You cannot save anybody else… You can’t do the work for them, they have to do this themselves… stop tormenting yourself into the false belief that you can save them. YOU CAN’T. That’s the trap.


That means – help YOU. YOU are WORTHY of love and YOU have to FILL YOUR OWN CUP.

When we realize this, we are able to let go and do the Soul Work to embrace and actualise Who we Are, then the Soul Contact with the Twin Flame is complete, and the torture is over.

One of you levels up!

You’re free from the pain, because you have completed the soul work necessary for you to SEE the light! CLARITY is bestowed and you realise the TRUTH.

We drop the addicted and traumatised reality. We no longer want them, miss them or hold them accountable, SHIFTING UP INTERNALLY all blame drops away. We begin to SEE the light that this DARK CONTRACT relationship offered. Often, it is about realising and overcoming past conditioning and traditional programming about what is expected of each gender, but it doesn’t stop there, the relationship has many lessons and is individual to each person.

Instead, all of that is replaced by a deep sense of awe and gratitude that this Soul Contract happened to awaken us. We come to understand and appreciate the lessons the relationship gave us. Once true healing happens, the pain of the past falls away.

You cannot fix someone who is broken, because you must fix yourself. YOU’RE broken too, and once you realise and heal all your abandonment, betrayal, rejection, abuse issues, you SET YOUSELF FREE! Only YOU can fix YOU.

Life after Narcissism – from misery to JOY

The relationship with the narcissist is the gift, and the increase in twin flame relationships are THE GREATEST GIFT HUMANITY HAS TO OFFER, so that you can look at YOUR MIRROR and understand where you are acting WEAK, forgiving and maybe even, a walkover. The relationship is designed to push you further INTO YOURELF AND THE EVOLUTION of YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS.

Recovery from a Twin Flame relationship is nothing short of our graduation to our True Self and True Life … the only version of ourselves and Life was designed for! You only have ONE LIFE, Embrace it wholeheartedly!


The experience of Twin Flame is ‘to get the soul job done’ … it’s a powerful Soul Contract to bring forth the VERY Being inside, to help us achieve that we have ABUSERS. Pushing us to become WHOLE AGAIN!

A Soul mate/Twin Flame relationship will present you with the A deep Soul recognition, bond or familiarity. Love, trust, teamwork, respect and kindness becomes SERIOUSLY COMPROMISED and this creates stress, pain and loss.

Each person within the relationship tries to change and control the other and NEITHER PARTY can accept the other person as they are! The relationship IS the battlefield for EGOIC control! a relationship of one-upmanship!

Repeating and escalating conflicts lead to non-resolution, greater cracks and even more toxicity. ‘Oh the Games we play in the name of LOVE!!’ ‘If you loved me you would do A B or C, and the other says ‘If you loved me you wouldn’t do X Y or Z! A game of two halves, vying to win the battle. Just let go and move on!

ACCEPTANCE IS HOW WE PAY, or rather how we SHOULD play!

Neither party works at expanding personal and relationship consciousness healthily. And once one of the two does the work, the relationship terminates automatically. The purpose of ALL intimate abuse IS TO EXPAND CONSCIOUSNESS!

It’s the path to WHOLENESS… ONENESS.. and inner UNION.

LOVE.. IT WILL HURT YOU, only YOU can free yourself by healing your childhood wounds, you CAN and you WILL HEAL YOU.